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How Do NEET-PG Toppers Study?

May 5, 2021

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NEET-PG is one of the most important national level exams and with the delay in the exam, we’d encourage all the candidates to make the most of this extra time and not leave even a single stone unturned in their NEET-PG preparationEvery year many candidates take the exam intending to crack it.

Out of those some get through with a good rank and some are left behind. This is mainly due to the increasing competition and complexity of the question paper which has made it tough for people to get through. So, to clear the exam with a high-rank one needs to follow different methods of studying to be at par with the changing trends in the medical exam.

As a NEET-PG 2021 aspirant, you need to have the right mindset and approach during your preparation. In this blog, we will guide you with the best tips that NEET-PG toppers have followed and practised religiously. These ideologies have helped them climb up the ladder of success and we believe that it will help you to do the same to reach the pinnacle of success. 

Set Some Ground Rules

While being on the field, soldiers set some ground rules to prepare themselves for battle. The same strategy is to be followed for your NEET-PG exam preparation. Here, your ground rules would include:

  • Knowing the exam syllabus
  • NEET-PG Exam format,
  • Exam duration
  • Weight-age of each topic

These logistics and much more help decide your success in the exam.

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Convert Your Weak Areas Into Strengths

One thing that toppers do is that they never give up. Even when they come across their weaknesses, it does not pull them down rather they are encouraged by it. Thus, they make sure to convert their weak areas into strengths by consistently working on them and ultimately mastering them. 

Follow A Disciplined Study schedule

One of the most common things that you will see in toppers is that they live a very disciplined life. Discipline plays a major role in their daily routine as they are driven according to that.
Once they have set particular goals and have gathered all the materials they need to kick start their study, they build a plan and follow it religiously.

Seek Exam Assistance Online

Opting to study online will enable you to understand concepts in a better way and save up on a lot of commuting time. Online mode of instruction has changed the whole scenario of learning by making learning accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
In such unprecedented times, it’s best to study online and make use of this extra time by practising questions from our Qbank which is more clinical than ever.

PrepLadder’s QBank 3.0 has features that will set a benchmark for medical education. Our Qbank 3.0 is a masterpiece that comprises 23,000+ high yield questions, related video lectures and solutions of a particular topic, and enables you to combine questions and solve them based on system-wise demarcation and much more.

Other Useful NEET-PG Exam Tips By Toppers

  • Make sure to wear comfy clothing on the day of the exam.
  • Make sure to read the questions properly before answering them. Once you are done doing that, only then start solving questions. 
  • Time yourself while attempting online test series.
  • Do not be in a haste to answer that you end up marking a wrong answer. 
  • Practising questions from the Qbank and attempting online test series before the final exam will help you not to make such mistakes.
    Make as many mistakes as you can in your practice test series learn from them, and make sure not to make them again. 
  • Set your eyes on the preparation rather than stressing out about the rank. The rank will be achieved if you are preparing well.

Let above- mentioned tips from the NEET-PG toppers help you in acing your medical entrance exam swiftly.

Be confident, maintain a positive attitude. 

Happy Studying!

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