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How to attempt 300 questions in 210 minutes in NEET PG?

Jun 07, 2016

 How to attempt 300 questions in 210 minutes in NEET PG?

With only limited seats in top Medical Colleges, it is not only important to merely qualify PG exams but also important to score high.

Marks in NEET PG will be released up to 4 places of decimals and getting 1 extra question right can improve your rank by hundreds.

This makes time management in NEET PG very important as it can make or break your chances of getting a PG seat.

Solving 300 questions in 210 minutes is a very difficult task. You need regular practice to achieve this.

PrepLadder’s tech team has studied the software used in NEET PG very closely and have re-created the same software to run our mock tests on.

Our faculty and our tech team have together come up with time management tips that will help you use the NEET PG software efficiently.

How to attempt NEET PG exam

  • Don’t do the questions in order- If you get stuck at difficult questions first you might waste a lot of time and miss out on the easy once. So do not try to attempt the questions in order. Treat this online exam as you will treat a pen and paper based exam where you can see all the questions together.

  • When to “Mark” a question- The official software used in NEET gives you an option to “Mark” a question. Here’s how to use it effectively:
    • If you don’t know the answer at all leave the question unattempted.
    • If you can eliminate one or two options take a guess and “Mark” the question.
    • If you are sure about the answer, attempt the question but do not mark it.

  • Keep your ego out of the examination hall- Do not spend a lot of time fiddling with a difficult question. If you feel that a question has taken about 1 minute, skip it and move ahead.

  • Read Questions Carefully: This is certainly most important success key. Read the question and all the options carefully. Do not jump to conclusions. Look out for negative words like "except" "but" "not" in the question. Because these might change the answer.

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Time management strategy in NEET PG

First 2 hours:

Go through the whole test in the first 2 hours.

During this time:

  1. Attempt questions that are easy for you.
  2. Take a guess and Mark the once that you have an idea about.
  3. If the question is absolutely alien for you, leave it unattempted.

Remember you have less than 30 seconds for each question at this stage, so never get stuck on a question.

Let’s say you confidently answered 150 questions, Answered and Marked 75 questions and left 75 unattempted.

Next 1 hour:

The official software (and PrepLadder software) gives you an option to “Review” your test. Click on Review and go back to the unattempted questions first. Read the question and options again carefully. You have more than 30 seconds per question at this stage. Use your time wisely.

If you still cannot eliminate any option take an intelligent guess like this.

There is no negative marking in NEET PG so do not leave any question unattempted.

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Last 30 minutes:

Click on Review and go to the “marked and attempted questions”.

Remember these are the questions you were confused about.

If you feel that you need to change the answer to a certain question, do not hesitate to change it because the chances of “right to wrong” changes is 20.2%, whereas the chances of “wrong to right” changes is 57.8%, almost three times.

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