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NEET PG preparation- What, When and How to study?

Mar 31, 2016

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SECTION A - From 1st day in MBBS to Pre-final year

SECTION B - For MBBS Final Year Students

SECTION C - For Interns

SECTION D - Post Intern

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SECTION A - From 1st day in MBBS to Pre-final year

  1. Read your Standard text books well-

Go through your text books attentively as this will help you in clearing and strengthening your basics which can be applied in solving the advanced topics. So study the course books well.

  1. MCQ books will be an add-on to your preparation-

MCQ books can never substitute the standard text books. These books must be referred only after you've read your course books and you recall most of it. While going through practice test books the only thing that you do is just reinforce and add on finer points to what you’ve already read.

  1. Attend lectures and postings-

Attend all the Lectures held during your MBBS because classroom is a place where you learn and get your problems solved by the Professors. This is the easiest way of learning and clearing all your queries regarding subjects and topics which can be asked in the NEET PG exam. Follow everything that is taught in the lectures instead of reading weird references.

  1. How to Read Text Books-

Text books must be read like a novel from first line to last line. But this never means that you have to learn and remember the entire book. Memorise the important points marked in the books and also the important topics directed by Lecturers and seniors.

SECTION B - For MBBS Final Year Students

Final year is the most stressful period for all the MBBS students. Follow the normal routine and never try anything heroic in the final year.

Medicine: Read your textbooks and read only those topics from the Harrison which is asked repeatedly in the examination. This is not the right time for referring entire Harrison if you have not read it previously. Reading the selected topics would be enough to help you clear MBBS as well as PG Exams. However if you have read Harrison then you will be confident enough to quote most of the things when asked something related and also your odds of clearing the exam become more certain.

OBG: Dutta is good for Obs, Shaws for Gynae. The Johns Hopkins manual is an excellent read for topics that are changing rapidly and where protocols are universally acceptable, like oncology

Surgery: Schwartz/Sabiston for the topics recently asked in AIIMS and PGI for surgery but otherwise Bailey is better. Read M.L Saha for your practicals

Paediatrics: Only from Ghai. No need to refer any other book

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SECTION C - For Interns

Take a break for little while as you have just passed the Final MBBS Exams. But this euphoria is not everlasting, so use this break to prepare your senses for the next battle. Get back to the studies and avoid procrastination. It never takes too much time to fall behind, because from this point of time you have other things added to your daily routine. This means that you have to carefully organize your time so that you do not fall behind in any of the tasks. NEET PG is not a child’s play. It takes a lot along with it.

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It might be difficult to spare time during internship for reading. But this is the only time to finish all the topics in stipulated time, no matter how and when you prepare it, you have to find time for completing the topics. Do question banks or read notes or anything that you've read before.

The things you revise again and again are the things you'll be able to retain for longer.

You can divide the topics into three categories

1st category

The topics that can be remembered in just one reading should be kept under this category. Most of the easy topics will fall into this category.

2nd Category

This category should include the topics that need multiple readings to retain the topics and can be retained for longer after that. Prepare these topics and revise them when you no longer retain them.

3rd category

The topics which you cannot remember for long must fall into this category. Then the topics of this category must be prepared again and again but more focus must be only given near to the NEET PG examination.

SECTION D - Post Intern

Don’t forget to practice as many mock tests as you can during this time. Don’t worry if you score low, keep attempting tests and try to improve with each test you take. You can join PrepLadder’s free mock test series.

Most of the Aspirants of NEET PG sit and stick with the question bank which is a secondary thing. Instead they must clear all the doubts, check if you are clear with most of the concepts from MBBS, if no then this is the time. Only after doubt clarification when you think you are ready go for the previous year question papers. And after solving these papers you will find that you have not read certain topics, go back and study these topics. 

Your aim should be to remember the things that you go through and not only to read.

For any Doubts, you can comment below.

It’s never too late to start preparing.

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