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Medical PG Entrance Exam Preparation Tips for MBBS Interns - PrepLadder

Dec 16, 2015

Medical Internship is a time of trouble and perplexity for most of the Medical PG Entrance candidates. The confusion is whether to devote more time in improving your experience, knowledge and clinical skills by attending postings or giving most of your time for PG Exam preparation during Medical Internship.

The prospective doctor must attain hands on experience in a variety of settings and specialties. This will finally help you choose the specialty that you like.

In this post we will give Interns, handful preparation tips for Medical PG entrance exam preparation in India.

Suggestions for MBBS Interns:

1. Planning

Procure your Medical Rotatory Internship schedule as early as you can get it. The time when you will have your busy internship postings – near Exams or early, will determine as to how to plan your preparation. Here's a sample study plan made by PrepLadder experts to help your schedule.

NEET PG Elite Plan

2. You need 2,000 hours to dedicated study time

Successful candidates consensually agree that 2,000 hours are enough for a mediocre candidate to clear any PG entrance exam. This should preferably begin immediately with ones final year MBBS Exam Preparation. Also read: Average student's guide to getting a clinical PG seat in Government college.

3. Target to cover all 19 Subjects

You don't need to study everything from every subject, just focus on the important topics. You can download the list of important topics compiled by analyzing last 15 years exams here.

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4. Read the subject that corresponds the department you're posted in

During your internship, you can see the case of the topic that is still fresh in your mind. This will help you get a deeper understanding of the related topics.

5. Read basic subject and/or one Pre-clinical subject during your posting

In this time, i.e., during internship you can improve your knowledge of subjects from the first 3 years of MBBS. Don't make the mistake of concentrating only on clinical subjects. Make a plan well ahead. You have an efficient time for his during the less busy internship postings.

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6. MCQs or Text, what is the correct approach?

The approach of attempting MCQs first, then reading and then attempting MCQs is adopted by many successful aspirants as it helps to know what to focus on and what to read. A primary quick scanning of MCQs is important. During medical internship one is prone to read what helps ones practice. MCQs will shift ones direction to what applies for ones success in PG Entrance Exams.

7. Spend 3 hours on dedicated study

You have a ‘few quality hours’. The internship candidates do not have 8 hours per day to prepare unlike droppers. What one needs is dedicated 2 -3 hours per day. This time does not include time given to social media or mobile chats. It is reasonably good to participate in Medical Whatsapp groups but it is best done outside the scheduled time for dedicated study.

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8. Participate in all live mock tests using mobile apps and internet

There is no replacement for practice. Attempting Medical PG specialized mock test series regularly helps you to know your weak topics and subjects. You can attempt a medical PG Entrance preparation mock test series wherever you have an access to the internet and a computer. Well, if that is not possible use mobile apps to do live mock tests during your postings. There is no better tool available for medical interns.

9. Preparation in the last month

The last month of preparation is crucial for interns. This is when you reach the height of your entrance preparation. Here both incorporation and exploration are crucial.

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10. Stay Motivated

You can reduce the physical tiredness by not doing other unnecessary things that can weigh you down during your medical internship. Good Diet and regular exercise comes to your rescue in such laborious times of studying.

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A dedicated, planned schedule and sincere implementation of the schedule can go a long way in winning laurels to your academic and professional life.

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