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Various career options after MBBS in India

May 20, 2020

Most people think that there are no options for MBBS graduates apart from clinical and teaching practices. This is a wrong perception since medicine these days is as vast as any other field and options are numerous. Here we list 10 career options after MBBS for you to choose from.

Various career options after MBBS in India

1) MD/MS/Diploma

  • MD/ MS/Diploma is the most commonly chosen path after MBBS for people who wish to continue with their medical careers.
  • You can obtain post-graduation in various specialties like internal medicine, general surgery, genecology, pediatrics, etc.
  • In case you wish to pursue your degree from a college in India, you will have to clear the entrance test that will guarantee you a seat in a good college.
  • You will need to qualify either NEET PG or INI-CET exams after MBBS to gain admission into any of the MD/MS courses in a government or private college. MD/MS is a 3-year degree course while the diploma is a 2-year program. MD/MS prepares a specialist doctor who's always a need of the hour.
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2) Customary Courses after MBBS

  • If you decide that you wish to continue your degree in medicine from a country abroad, you will have to sit for another set of entrances.
  • The eligibility for these tests includes an MBBS degree or its equivalent from a recognized university.
  • If you wish to pursue courses after MBBS in the USA, you would have to appear for USMLE for PG aspirants. Similarly, if you wish to pursue your education after an MBBS in the U.K.
  • You will have to appear for PLAB, while the one in Australia after course completion is offered by The Australia Medical Council and is called the AMC test.
  • You can either pursue an MD Specialization, MS Specialization, or a diploma course in the specializations listed in the above-mentioned table.

3) Diplomate of National Board (DNB)

  • The second-best option for an MBBS graduate is to pursue continuing with their dreams of becoming a specialist doctor.
  • Though there are a few problems with DNB. Firstly, the passing rate in DNB is very low, depending on your course and hospital from which you complete your course.
  • Secondly, many hospitals give preference to MD/MS candidates than DNB candidates.
  • Thirdly, the DNB course is provided mostly in private hospitals where the amount of exposure is less than govt. hospitals, especially in surgical branches.

4) Combined Medical Services (CMS)

  • UPSC conducts Combined Medical Services Examination every year in the month of July/August for recruitment into government institutions like Railways, Municipal Corporations as Medical Officers.
  • Candidates can appear in the exam after clearing the final year of their MBBS degree.
  • The prestige, pride, and power associated with the UPSC CMS are far more in Indian society.
  • For some, getting recruited through UPSC is of utmost priority considering the esteem, repute, and honor associated with UPSC jobs.
  • It is a good option if you want a permanent job with the government and if you like to be a part of the administrative workforce of the hospital.

5) M.Sc

Doing an M.Sc after MBBS is another option. MBBS graduates can take up a Masters degree in any of the following fields mentioned below:
  • Aerospace Medicine,
  • Anatomy,
  • Anesthesia,
  • Biochemistry,
  • Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy,
  • Forensic Medicine,
  • Geriatrics,
  • ENT and many more

6) MBA

  • With many private hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, the demand for doctors with an MBA degree is increasing overwhelmingly.
  • Due to this increase in demand, many MBA institutions are absorbing doctors in their programs.
  • Institutes offering MBA like IIM's, FMS Delhi, IBS Hyderabad, MDI Gurgaon, XLRI Jamshedpur absorb students based on the merit list of CAT exam held every year.

7) Clinical Research

  • When it comes to the sphere of research, India is still growing and developing. Thus, there is an immense need for and demand for clinical researchers.
  • Various institutes that offer research opportunities are ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research), CIMAP, CCMB (Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology), St. John's Research Institute.
  • One can also join the WHO. Many institutes like AIIMS, PGI, NIMHANS, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (TIFR) offer a Ph.D. degree.

8) Masters in Health Administration (MHA)

MHA is a 3-year post-graduate degree (M.D.) in Health Administration which helps medical students to acquire the skills required in managing big specialty hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, etc. This is a career option that pays back in loads.

9) M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences

  • MBBS graduates can go for another option that is different from attending patients and that option is opting for M. Tech.
  • It is offered in the IIT's for students who want to pursue their careers after MBBS in inventing medical machines, developing machines, and instruments to provide better health care.

10) Masters in Medical Science and Technology (MMST)

Candidates can also go for MMST. It is also offered by the IIT's which deals with Bioinformatics, medical biotechnology, healthcare imaging, etc.

11) Masters in Public Health

The significance of Public Health is recognized in the western countries and India is also recognizing its value. Taking up a Master’s in Public Health can also be an alternate option.

12) Work with Primary Health Centers

MBBS graduates can get a rural posting mostly in rural and remote areas and work as a practitioner in primary health centers in their respective states. Know of any other good career option? Tell us about it in the comments below. With so many options after MBBS, doctors now have versatile opportunities to do what they like. Completing graduation is not the end and now you know what to do after MBBS. Go have the career you've always wanted. To scale up your NEET PG preparation with the best-in-class video lectures, QBank, Mock Tests and more, download the PrepLadder App! Download PrepLadder's NEET PG app for Android Download PrepLadder's NEET PG preparation for iOS Best wishes! Team PrepLadder
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