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9 hacks for better PG Medical Entrance Exams Preparation

Apr 04, 2016

9 hacks for better PG Medical Entrance Exams Preparation 

This article is a compilation of the 9 important hacks to help you prepare for PGMEE better than your competitors.

These hacks are prepared by our experienced faculty and if implemented properly, these will ensure your success in various PGMEEs.


  1. Your marks don’t matter. What matters is, your marks in comparison to other 1.2 Lakh candidates.

PGMEEs are competitive exams. So, knowing your competition is very important for success. Analyse your performance from time to time by taking mock tests and also sitting for all the grand tests from resources like PrepLadder, DBMCI, DAMS and IAMS. The best time to start taking the test and preparing would be right at the commencement of final year. Take the exams even if you are not getting good marks, don’t get demotivated. You will start improving with every test eventually. Plan your study routine such that you make enough from it, stay up late if you are a night person and wake up early if you are a morning person. Figure out what fits you better. You can enrol in PrepLadder free test series here.


  1. Group Discussions

Group Discussions are essential many times to clarify your doubts. Brainstorming together with friends who have knowledge about the topic is always beneficial. Also the more you discuss, the more you remember.


  1. FOCUS

Focus is very crucial factor in maintaining you as a firm contender for MD, MS seat. Focus is something that encourages you to study more than your will. You will be selected if you are focussed. But don’t misunderstand Focus as being always tensed to study and prepare and forfeit normal life. But being attentive to your studies at the time of studies and not getting carried away doing other things. Also it’s easy to get focused and motivated to study in bouts, what separates topers from the rest is persistence.

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  1. MCQ book is not for preparing or clearing doubts

MCQ books are nothing more than practice material after you have studied and prepared from the standard text books which are the perfect source to be referred to in case of trouble. MCQ books carry questions with multiple answers same as the questions in final PGMEE exam but in the case of MCQ books many answers are given incorrect and lack proper explanation about the topics. Thus it is not the right source to refer to for preparing. First study from your books and when you think you are prepared enough then go on solving MCQ’s and in case if you don’t understand any question go back to the text books for method of solution. Here’s a list of standard MCQ books recommended for PGMEE preparation.


  1. Smart Work

Work smart, because hard work alone is not sufficient to clear the exam. If you are working very hard on reading and learning everything that you come across in the text books, for sure you are going to learn a lot of things, but you will miss the things necessary from PGMEE point of view. Thus this brings in smart way of working. Search for the important topics and prepare them well, well enough that you can answer any question shot at you related to that. Then give time to the topics that are asked less often. This will help you put optimum effort with boosted results. Here’s a list of most important topics for PGMEE sorted according to decreasing order of priority.


  1. Don’t refer to multiple sources for same topic

This is a major drawback in most of the candidate cases that they refer to too many books. Why you must avoid this practice? First, every book has its own way of explaining things which is quite different from other authors’ books. Second, studying from too many books is a waste of your critical time, the time which could be used for covering more syllabus.


  1. How many questions to attempt

There is no negative marking in NEET PG. So, attempt as many questions you can attempt but keep one thing in your mind that the accuracy level also plays its part in deciding ranks. This means that attempt the questions you are certain with answers, or you can eliminate one or two options. For questions that are completely foreign to you, use this intelligent guessing technique and increase your chances of getting it right.

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  1. Take Breaks

Just studying and depriving yourself from all other things is not a good way of preparing. This will drive you crazy. So take breaks when necessary for enjoying something that you like. This will help in keep you mentally fit and a lot more focused. A break should ideally include a brisk walk or a snack, instead of a “quick” Facebook check.



Most aspirants complain that they are unable to complete the scheduled tasks in time. They encounter lot of mismanagement in keeping up with the imperative activities. Also, they are unable to finish the exam in the allotted time. Time management cannot be implemented just by reading about it from somewhere. But practice helps you speed up and organize the loops to bring everything under control. Speed up your reading by practice. Practise more mock tests to accelerate you answering speed.


The above mentioned hacks have been practiced and preached by toppers and if implemented efficiently will help you win PGMEE. Remember, being a topper or mediocre during MBBS does not matter in PG entrance exams.






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