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How to Pass Final Year MBBS Exams - Tips & Study Guide | PrepLadder

Jan 23, 2016

Are you nervous with your final year MBBS exams? Don’t know when to start the preparation for the final year MBBS exams? Then read this article to gain confidence and strategy for clearing the final year. Beginning of medical preparation for Final year ideally starts after second prof exams, but it’s never late. But why is the final exam so important? Importance of Third prof part 2 final exam
  1. It holds the major share of your aggregate percentage in entire MBBS journey.
  2. It is the assessment of your basic theoretical, clinical and practical skills.
  3. Failing in final year, steals away time from you and you are left behind your batch mates.
  4. Working knowledge of all MBBS subjects(except forensic medicine) from first and second prof is required to pass final prof part 2.
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When to commence the Preparation?

Grad students can begin with their preparations at least 3 months and maximum of 2 years before the final exam, depending upon their ambition to score and become a brilliant doctor. 3 months is an enough period to pass MBBS final if candidates have attended regular classes and have gone through the syllabus once in MBBS years. Obviosly the more time you devote, the more you score.

Do’s in the Final Year MBBS

  1. Make yourself disciplined and serious about studies
  2. Though leisure time is important but set limits to the leisure time. So that it may not interfere with your studies.
  3. Often visit the library and create a study environment that motivates you to study hard.
  4. Group study and brainstorming is always effective and camouflages better study environment.
  5. Study from the Right Books. Don’t waste time on unnecessary or wrong study material.
  6. Collect senior’s notes and past questions.
  7. It is better to consult a good senior to mentor you in better approach.
  8. Read- Revise- Recall- Discuss everything that you study.
  9. Write things you tend to forget and paste it near your study table. Like Tumor classifications, Pediatrics- Growth and Development sequences etc.
  10. See cases during clinical postings and study about them the same day.
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Things to Avoid in Final Year MBBS

  1. Wasting excessive time on things like Television, Games, Novels.
  2. Avoid any sort of Excessive Stress of final year.
  3. Referring to too many sources is never a good idea.
  4. Revision and practice is of utmost importance. Never avoid it.
  5. Never forget that you have Clinical Examinations and Spotters as well in final.

Workable plan to have

6 months to 1 Year Plan

  • Study 4-6 hours regularly on the initial stage and up to 10-14 hours per day in last 3 months.
  • Take proper care of your sleep and meals to keep you healthy.
  • Dedicate a fixed time for studying Practical and Theory. Because both are equally important.
  • Enjoy weekends to freshen you up but do not waste the entire day enjoying movies, outings or other things.
  • Group study is important so choose your study partner with whom you can discuss all that you have read.
  • Keep in touch with seniors. Your immediate seniors are the most valuable in your College. Know the mistakes they made, learn about the externals.
  • Read thoroughly and systematically, do not jump from one topic to another. For eg. When you read a Endocrinology, try and go through entire system before moving on to something else.
  • Eat healthy and exercise, so that you don’t gather the feeling of being burnt out as months pass by.
  • Never miss classes, take down notes.
  • Filter the important topics from examination point of view.
  • Underline what you have read to speed yourself in next reading.
  • Go through previous exam papers to know important topics and your level of preparation.
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