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How to crack the UPSC CMS interview?

May 20, 2017

For all the UPSC CMS aspirants, PrepLadder interviewed Dr. Jayati Tripathi who secured Rank 26 in UPSC CMS exam (2016). We wanted to find out from her how she cracked the UPSC CMS interview? In this blog, she shares the pointers that worked for her to help get through the UPSC CMS interview.

When were you intimated to attend the interview and where was it held?

I was intimated for attending the interview a month before the actual interview date and it was held in UPSC Bhavan, New Delhi.

What was the duration of the interview?

The duration of the interview was approximately 30 minutes. Generally, for each candidate the duration is 20 to 30 minutes.

How tough is it to crack the UPSC CMS interview?

The UPSC CMS interview marks do matter a lot and it is as important as the written exam. Of course, it is tough and basically tests practical knowledge, presence of mind and decision taking capabilities.

Were the interview questions related to only medical content? Or it was both medical content + general awareness?

The chief interviewer asked a variety of questions apart from the medical field like 'tell about your city, school, college of graduation etc. and this mainly is meant to test your personality. Other interviewers in the panel asked questions related to practical patient scenarios in Surgery, Medicine, Obs & Gynae and in PSM. The main focus was either on prevention of common ailments or some latest medical topics (for example-tell the cancers which are preventable). Through this they mainly test how sharp are you with your basic medical knowledge and presence of mind.

Is the UPSC CMS interview unpredictable? How prepared were you for the interview?

The UPSC CMS interview is quite unpredictable. So no special preparation is required. However, I read interviews of IAS toppers on Internet which proved quite useful in answering questions on non-medical field. Plus good preparation of medical subjects boosted my confidence further and confidence is the most important aspect in cracking any interview. Another important thing is to avoid over-confidence.

How many interviewers are there? Do they all ask related questions or different sets of questions?

In my panel there were 4 interviewers. The chief interviewer was sitting in centre and took 15 minutes and asked questions on all topics including personality testing. The remaining 3 interviewers asked about Medicine, and PSM / Obs & Gynae respectively.

Were there any subject specific questions? If yes, please elaborate.

Yes, there were subject specific questions. Like in Medicine, the interviewer mainly focused on thyroid related questions and in surgery about burns. But the questions were directed at either complications of a condition or symptoms and management of that condition. Therefore, practical knowledge of some common diseases is required. For PSM, I read latest updates and programs apart from communicable diseases.

Were you asked to provide a solution to any medical case scenario? If yes, please elaborate.

Yes, I was asked about burns and how will I decide amount of the fluids based on percentage of burns. I was also asked how would I approach to a patient with chronic ear discharge. Therefore, you have to be ready with differential diagnosis also. The clinical cases provided by Prep Ladder are very beneficial and it help me answering the medical case scenario at UPSC CMS interview.

One mistake that you believe everyone must avoid during UPSC CMS interview

The mistake that candidates can avoid is firstly, over-confidence plus don't give superfluous answers. Don't answer a question if you don't know it. A simple “Sorry” would be better than unnecessarily giving a wrong answer.

Some last tips for our readers preparing for UPSC CMS interview. 

Formally greet everyone when you enter the room and sit when the interviewers ask you to. Listen carefully to the questions and answer confidently and to the point because your answers would decide the direction of your interview. Maintain calm and don't panic before interview otherwise your stress may reflect in your personality and adversely affect your interview. All the very best to all the aspirants. Also read:  How to clear UPSC CMS 2017? Stay tuned to PrepLadder for more updates!!
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