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Proven Strategies to Crack NEET Exam!

Jul 05, 2021

Effective Strategies to Crack NEET Exam

To crack the NEET exam, all you need is hard work and the right strategy! NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is a cut-throat competition that has given rise to the need for NEET Coaching classes to pay special attention to the medical aspirants and prepare them well for exams. The tips and techniques are not easy to understand on your own and so NEET coaching plays an essential role in cracking the NEET exams.

Questions in NEET only come from subjects- Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. The question paper of NEET is based on 11th and 12th classes therefore revising the CBSE medical syllabus is a must. There are 45 questions from each subject carrying 720 marks in total. NEET also carries a negative marking scheme, i.e, -1 mark for each wrong question.

Before appearing for the NEET exam, you should be aware of the basic pattern and details of the examination. These are the proven strategies that help you crack the NEET exam for sure!

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Effective Strategies to Crack NEET Exam

1. Study Material

Selecting the right study material for the NEET is a little tricky. But, with the help of your teachers and expert support from online educators, you can pick the right study material. You can talk and coordinate with aspirants who already appeared for the NEET and see the study material they referred to. You can prepare notes for NEET, take mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy, Moreover, go through the interviews of various candidates who cleared the NEET and try to get an idea to crack the NEET effectively.  

2. Go for a Practical Timetable

Following a set timetable helps you to stay focused on your goal during NEET preparation. A well-structured timetable will help you to organize your NEET Preparation as you have to finish the 2 years syllabus. Follow your timetable strictly, but also make sure to be flexible to modify your timetables as and when needed. Some are the best ways to prepare for NEET:

  • Grab a calendar and a diary
  • Set out long and productive study hours
  • Take care of your health

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3. Make Notes 

Making notes is one of the best ways to improve your memory retaining ability. To crack NEET, write down points and then revise them later. You can revise things effectively and smoothly.

4. Revise Regularly

If you have mastered a particular topic, or subject then also revise regularly! Revision is the key to your NEET Preparation. You can prepare for NEET on various online platforms that help you to find and manage study materials. 

  • Stress on your weak areas
  • Revise the derivations and formulas
  • Go through important equations, reactions again

5. Practice Mock Tests

All the applicants who appear in the NEET Exam have to complete 180 questions in 180 minutes. It means that they can give a maximum of one minute to one question. Time management is the key aspect required for the NEET exam. Practice a lot of mock tests regularly, keeping a time constraint in mind.

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6. Have a Healthy Diet

When you’re trying to remember and understand a lot of new information, it’s essential to keep your health in the topmost state. The NEET candidates must follow a nutritious diet to get physical and mental strength for the examination. Eat omega-3, B-vitamins and iron-rich foods to boost your brain.

7. Say ‘Yes’ to Study Breaks

All humans require timely rest to get back to work efficiently. Hence, one cannot maintain an optimum level of concentration without taking a break to recover. The long hours of preparation give stress to the mind and reduce the level of concentration. According to some studies, the human mind stays focused and alert for a particular time. Thus, it is necessary to take regular breaks to refresh your mind. Regular breaks can be a walk, playing with your pet, a short nap, a trip to the gym, and chatting with your friends!

8. Exercise

While studying, it is important to reduce stress with exercise. You can go for a walk, run, swim, play, and meditate. You can also do yoga to balance and calm your body and mind by releasing the feel-good chemicals. It will make you happy and more productive. Switch to a healthy meal plan and avoid junk foods. For better concentration, do yoga.

9. Positive Attitude is a Must

Your attitude determines the effectiveness of your learning process. Your negative approach will make your learning complicated. If you maintain a negative attitude and keep saying that you can’t do it, then it would not help you anymore in learning! 

As soon as you think positively, your brain will perform better. Your right mindset will make you less anxious and more welcoming to new ideas. Positivity is the proven way to achieve success in your NEET exam.

In the end, if you study thoroughly and strategically, you will score great and reach your goal. If you liked this blog, share it with your friends to help them with their NEET preparations.

All the best for your Exam!

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