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Substance Related Disorders: Alcohol, Opioids, Cannabis, Cocaine & Tobacco - Psychiatry

Apr 21, 2023

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Acute Intoxication

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Diagnosis of Alcohol use disorder


Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

Pathophysiology for both


Treatment of Alcohol Dependence

Detoxification (1st Stage)

Maintenance of Abstinence (2nd Stage)

Alcoholic anonymous


Withdrawal Symptoms of Opioids

Treatment of withdrawal Symptoms of Opioids

Detoxification (Management of withdrawal symptoms)

Maintenance of Abstinence

Narcotic anonymous


Cannabis related Disorders


Hallucinogens Related Disorders


Cocaine Intoxication

Tactile Hallucinations



Previous year Question

Q. A patient presented with history of visual hallucinations and disorientation. He was a chronic user of alcohol and last intake was a day’s back? what is the likely diagnosis? Alcohol withdrawal delirium?   (FMGE Aug 2020)

Q. Freud’s theory of dream work, includes all except? (NEET Jan 2018)

Q. Disulfiram is a type of? (FMGE Nov 2017)

Q. Which of the following drug is known to cause dependence is most commonly abused? (NEET Jan 2020)

Q. Jet black pigmentation of tongue with tactile hallucinations is a feature of?  (FMGE June 2018)

Q. Magnan Symptom are associated with which substance? (NEET Jan 2020)

Substance Related Disorders Alcohol, Opioids, Cannabis, Cocaine & Tobacco - Psychiatry
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