Medical Oncology Preparation Decrypted

A structured guide for Medical Oncology preparation for NEET SS.

About Medical Oncology for NEET SS

Medical oncology is a specialized field where medical practitioners use a variety of interventions or treatments including immunology, chemotherapy, and various medications to treat cancer. Medical oncologists strive to enhance the quality of care, aiming not only to treat the disease but also to improve the overall well-being of those under their compassionate care.

How does PrepLadder make Oncology learning easy for students?

PrepLadder is a study companion that provides cutting edge study resources for neet ss medicine preparation including conceptual video lectures, clinically-oriented comprehensive notes, featuring high-quality images to accelerate the learning curve. The inclusion of Mock Tests, Test series, and an in-depth performance analysis further reinforces learning and helps students gauge their progress.

Meet our Medical Oncology Faculty

Dr. Rajesh Gubba, MD in General Medicine, DNB Cardiology, MHSc in Diabetology, and a Fellowship in HIV Medicine (CMC Vellore), is a renowned professor in the field of Medicine. With a teaching experience of 7+ years, Dr. Gubba has transformed the NEET SS and NEET PG preparation of various students and helped them score good ranks and marks.


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