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Medical News Bulletin Edition 14

Apr 15, 2023

Medical News Bulletin Edition 14

Heard of Arcturus? It’s the new COVID variant that comes with previously unseen symptoms. 

That is just one of the essential medical news in this blog post.

Welcome to the 14th edition of the Medical News Bulletin, where you will discover the most unusual and interesting medical news that made the headlines recently. 

Medical News Bulletin is the number one source for you to catch up on the latest developments in the medical world and make more informed decisions going forward in your career. 

In this edition, you will read about the new COVID variant and what it brings, how to treat obese patients with asthma, new research around Mitral Valve Disease and new medical colleges for Faridabad. 

Ready to refine your NEET SS preparation? Let’s begin! 

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New Medical Colleges for Faridabad

Three new medical colleges have been established in Faridabad, India. This development is expected to improve medical education and healthcare in the region and address the shortage of doctors in the country.

The Haryana government is taking various steps to increase the healthcare facilities in the state and also to increase the number of doctors in the state. 

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Clarity on Treating Mitral Valve Disease

New research provides evidence for the safety and effectiveness of a treatment option called transcatheter edge-to-edge repair for patients with mitral valve disease, helping to clarify the best course of action for these individuals.

There are around 24 million people around the world who are affected by mitral regurgitation, a type of heart disease. 

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Arcturus— the New COVID Variant

The new subvariant of COVID, XBB.1.16, also called Arcturus, has symptoms like fever, cough, and other symptoms not seen with the previous COVID variants - itchy conjunctivitis or pinkeye.

In late March, the WHO declared the virus as a ‘variant under monitoring’ because, according to WHO, it is the most transmissible variant of COVID-19 as of yet. 

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Metabolic Pathways for Asthma Treatment

Researchers suggest that targeting metabolic pathways in obese patients with asthma could improve their symptoms. Metformin, a drug used for diabetes, may help reduce inflammation and improve lung function in this population.

Asthma patients can benefit from treatments for metabolic disorders. Obese people remain at an increased risk of severe asthma due to obesity. Traditional asthma treatments are less effective in obese patients. 

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