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Predict what Specialty you can get in DNB SS 2018 Seat Allotment Process

Jan 22, 2018

With the announcement of DNB SS results, we have been consistently receiving queries from our subscribers enquiring as to which Specialty/ Discipline they can be allotted as per their AIR in DNB SS Dec’17. In order to reduce the anxiety and confusion of the aspirants, we have compiled the data gathered from the DNB SS January 2017 First Round Seat Allotment Result. This information will help you in predicting the Specialty/ Discipline you can assigned in First Round of Counseling as per AIR in DNB SS Dec’17.

DNB SS: First Round of Seat Allotment Result

We will now summarize the details of First Round Seat Allotment process of DNB SS Jan 2017.

Specialty Group- MEDICAL

Specialty/ Discipline Last AIR to which Corresponding Specialty was Allotted
Rheumatology 82
Endocrinology 103
Hematology 339
Gastroenterology 1000
Nephrology 1438
Medical Oncology 1760
Cardiology 1846
Neurology 1854

Specialty Group- PAEDIATRICS

Specialty/ Discipline Last AIR to which Corresponding Specialty was Allotted
Pediatric Cardiology 91
Neonatology 138

Specialty Group- SURGICAL

Specialty/ Discipline Last AIR to which Corresponding Specialty was Allotted
Surgical Gastroenterology 302
Surgical Oncology  336
Genito Urinary Surgery (Urology) 355
Paediatric Surgery 1239
Thoracic Surgery 1324
Peripheral Vascular Surgery 1373
Cardio Thoracic Surgery 1374
Neuro Surgery 1543
Plastic Surgery 1673
We hope now you have a fair idea about the specialty you can be assigned as per your AIR in DNB CET SS Jan’18 Admission Session. Also Read: Important Topics:
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