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Resources To Help You Ace The NEET SS Exam

Apr 03, 2023

Resources to help you prepare for neet ss exam

Does your name plate feel incomplete without DM/MCh engraved right next to MD/MS? It is about time you commence writing the chapter that will ultimately give your name plate the pride it yearns for and give your career the wings it deserves. And while you are aiming for the stars, don’t let the transient shimmer of misguidance distract you. To lead you to the desired destination, PrepLadder has compiled the most comprehensive study material for the NEET SS preparation, emerging out as the best companion a NEET SS exam aspirant could ask for!

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The resources that lead you to the branch of your aspirations

1. Videos:

The collection of PrepLadder videos is a vast sea of knowledge, and every dive enriches your academic journey, clears your doubts, and takes you many steps closer to your ambition. From Growth Pattern in Humans to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, from Acute Kidney Injury to Testes Differentiation, you type the name, and the finest possible video on the topic will appear on your screen. It is home to:

  • Over 650 hours of high yield exam-oriented video content for Medicine,
  • 300+ hours of high yield exam-oriented video content for Surgery, and
  • Over 140 hours of high yield exam-oriented video content for Pediatrics.

So, when we say it is a sea of brilliance awaiting you, we are not exaggerating! Transporting you to the world of all things super-specialty, the video lectures are very engaging, keeping the yawns of boredom miles away from your desk.

2. Faculty:

The educators at PrepLadder are the best doctors across the country, all of them united by the zeal to deliver the best results and redefine excellence. Mastering the art of taking NEET SS aspirants closer to their dream colleges, the team is a dream team in every possible way. Every mentor is a renowned name in their field of expertise. Not only are they all walking Wikipedia of medical health sciences, but they also know how to impart knowledge in an interesting way. They focus on conceptual understanding of the topics, with their teaching methodology revolving around the latest exam patterns. The faculty’s experience and proficiency help you author the success stories that act as sources of inspiration.

3. QBank:

The question bank we have for you is no ordinary collection of questions; it is, in fact, a land that awards citizenship to the most dedicated NEET SS aspirants, the ones that inhabit this world with pride. PrepLadder’s question bank includes previous years’ questions and the practice questions framed by the experts after an in-depth analysis of the exam pattern. The division of the question bank into categories like Subject, Topic, and Sub-Topic, significantly eases the process. When you go for it without a definite plan, the question marks can leave you overwhelmed. Categorization helps you plan things systematically, thereby enhancing the quality of your preparation. 

Moreover, the videos related to the questions are linked so that the elaborate explanations you seek are just a click away! It has:

  • more than 10,000 MCQs dedicated to Medicine,
  • over 8000 questions framed for Surgery, and
  • 6000+ questions based on Pediatrics.

This question bank mirrors the best imaginations of every NEET SS aspirant. It eliminates the need to depend upon other sources for completing the list.  More than 24,000 questions await you, with each one of them taking you closer to your super-specialty dream!

4. Custom Module:

We encourage systematic preparation and definite plans. So if you discarded your plan that includes solving questions topic-wise and subtopic-wise because it seems too cumbersome, it is about time you start working on it! It’s 2021 and you not only get to make your own pizza, you can also customize your question banks on the basis of:

  • Subject
  • Topic
  • Subtopic
  • Specific tags
  • Level of Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard)
  • Type of Questions (Previously attempted, Unattempted, Incorrect, Bookmarks)

among other things.

5. Treasures: 

Anything that promises a quick revision without complicating things for you some days before the exam qualifies as a treasure. And PrepLadder is a treasure house of many such treasures. These have been designed to quicken your revision process by saving you the time you would have spent opening multiple books for studying a topic that has been covered in different subjects. It is like a map laid out to lead you to the satisfaction of knowing it all. And there is no winning prize as good as that!

6. Mock Tests:

A good mock test challenges you in the right way, has the same difficulty level as the actual exam, and prepares you for the final exam, thereby boosting your confidence. Every PrepLadder mock test qualifies as an ideal test, checking off every requisite. There are plenty of tests that aim at bringing out the best in you by making you familiar with the exam pattern, helping you identify your weaknesses, and work on speed and accuracy as required.

7. Performance Analytics:

As much as we flinch from the report cards, progress reports, and performance graphs, progressing without their help is impossible. 

After you submit a test, you get to know about your Rank, Marks, Percentile, Total time taken, Number of correct answers, Number of incorrect answers, Number of unattempted questions, Number of guesses, the scores of everyone who took the test, your comparison with the topper, Your subject-wise rank, Accuracy, and Performance graph. You won’t need someone to give you inaccurate and incomplete analysis about your level and overall progress because it will be right there, just a click away, reflecting expertise and accuracy. When you are aware of everything you need to know about your test performance, your progress rate, and the difference between you and the topper for a given test, you get better with every exam and grow exponentially.

Your academic journey so far is a testament to your dedication to the medical profession. Now all you need to take it to the next level is an effective plan and PrepLadder.

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