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Pro Tips to Crack NEET DM 2021

Jul 12, 2021

Crack NEET DM 2021 with Prepladder NEET SS

The NEET-SS exam is a single-window entrance examination for admission into all Super Specialty courses in the country, NBE (National Board of Examination) conducts this exam. The NEET SS syllabus is vast and it would require an aspirant a lot of time to cover all the topics and to crack the NEET DM 2021. So, it’s important to make a study schedule which you can follow religiously. Apart from knowing the exam pattern and syllabus, NEET-SS aspirants need to practice many Mock Test questions before the final exam.

In this blog, we will discuss some tips that will help you to secure your Dream Speciality Seat in one of the best universities in India.

Neet ss mock test

Follow these tips religiously:

1. Prepare Thoroughly

The first thing that you need to do is get yourself acquainted with the NEET-SS syllabus before you begin with your NEET-SS preparation. Once you are aware of the topics you need to prepare, then you can proceed forward with your preparation.

2. Have A Proper Time Table

Making and following a timetable will not only help you manage time and finish your syllabus but also keep you disciplined. This way, you will have to finish certain topics by a fixed deadline and you won’t get overwhelmed by the vastness of the syllabus.

3. Highlight Important Points

Mark or highlight the important points and only the keywords. Don’t mark the entire paragraph or sentences. It will speed up your preparation and help with your revision on time.

4. Divide the Syllabus: 

Without following a proper strategy, it’s next to impossible to finish the entire syllabus of NEET-SS. It would be good to divide the syllabus which will help you to go on with your preparation with ease. The bases for the division can depend on your preference. Divide the topics into categories such as easy and tough or short and lengthy. Moreover, you can divide your entire syllabus according to your understanding and preference.

5. High Yielding Topics:

It’s crucial to study thoroughly all the topics. But, it is important and beneficial to concentrate more on the topics that carry high weightage. You can score remarkably from such high weightage topics. Try to put all your efforts into such chapters and topics. Read more: NEET SS Medicine: List of Important Topics

6. Consider Marking Scheme

The marking scheme of the NEET-SS exam is very critical. Candidates preparing for the exam should be aware of the marking system and its importance to crack the exam. We have given the marking scheme below. 

Every wrong answer will give you a -1 mark. Unattempted questions carry zero marks and every correct answer will give you 4 marks.


7. Opt for an Online Coaching Portal

It is very important to understand every aspect of NEET-SS, from exam pattern to the marking scheme. You should not hesitate in asking for help from your seniors or colleagues if you are stuck on some topic while you are studying. Moreover, you can take help from expert educators online which are only a click away!

8. Mock Tests are a Must

Mock tests will give you an idea of the questions which are going to be in the final exam. Also, the idea of the number of questions that were correct or incorrect. This will enable you to work on your weaker sections and master them before the final exam. After you are done with your preparation and revision, take mock tests and set the time according to the duration of the NEET-SS exam. It will help you get to know where your preparation lies and point out your weak areas. Hence you can work on your weak areas before attempting the final examination.

Read more: Importance of Taking Regular Mock Tests for NEET SS

For a stronger edge in the NEET-SS exam, choose online QBanks, MCQs, Test Series from PrepLadder. You can save the hassle of timing yourself as it generates results showing you exactly where you went wrong and explains the answers! Regular tests practice allows you to validate your preparation and excel over the competitors. With the largest QBanks, high-quality content, important notes, mock test series, performance analytics; you can start your preparation and deliver your best in the NEET-SS exam.

Climb one step with each mock test and reach the top of the ladder when you take NEET-SS!

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