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Super Speciality in Cardiology - Merits, Demerits & Career Scope

Oct 06, 2022

Super Speciality in Cardiology - Merits, Demerits & Career Scope

Did you know, around 1.7 million people die in India each year because of heart diseases? And, there are 14 million in urban and 16 million heart patients in rural India. India is in dire need of cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons. Needless to say, the scope of cardiology in India is huge.

Are you planning on pursuing a super speciality in NEET SS but are unsure of which one to select? Well, here is an interesting one for you - Cardiology!

In this article, we will explain all the merits and demerits of super speciality in cardiology along with the scope, career options outside India, best institutes, and much more. So, make sure you read this till the end.

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Merits of a career in Cardiology 

Easier to Get Admission

As cardiology is concerned, there are a lot of seats in this branch and a dedicated 6 months of preparation can gain you a seat in a reputed institute. And it’s easier to get into cardiology than other branches like Rheumatology or Endocrinology, because of the huge number of seats which are available in cardiology.

Plus, the cardiology branch has been developing for quite a long time and therefore most of the institutes offer this super speciality. So, if someone has family commitments and wants to stay close to their home town , than cardiology is definitely one branch to pursue, because one can definitely find a seat close to their home place.


The Cardiology branch is mainly focused on interventions. It is very well developed with a lot of interventions like putting central lines, doing lumbar puncture, and pleural tap. Also, since the branch is developing, a lot of research is going on. Most of the focus of research is on interventions. If you are interested in doing interventions and like to stay in a high voltage set up, this is another reason to go for cardiology speciality.

High Earning Potential

The scope of cardiology is huge as cardiologists are well paid. It is one of the best paid branches in India.

Expert Mentors

Mentors are very good and well experienced in interventions and in research, because they have been practicing in this field for quite a long time. You can even find somebody to help you prepare for NEET SS cardiology.

Experienced mentors can teach interventions and guide further. After joining a branch, you are likely to encounter no difficulty in finding the right path. And, you can always pursue this branch in academics and in private practice too. Since a lot of research goes into this branch, a lot of new procedures, interventions, and technology comes up. So, there is a lot to learn in this branch.


As far as treating patients is concerned, it is a good time to go for NEET SS cardiology because a lot of research is going on in this branch. Therefore, it is quite well developed and hence patients respond to medicines quite well. Almost 90-95% of patients are satisfied with the treatment, which makes the doctors satisfied as well wherever they practice.


Although the benefits are many and attractive, choosing cardiology in NEET SS comes with its own demerits. Let's have a look.

  • It is a high voltage branch. Will get lot of MI cases during night time
  • It is not a 9-5 job. Most of the time it is a night job as a lot of MI cases come during the night time only.  
  • Learning curve is more.
  • The setup is a little costly incase someone wants to do private practice. 
  • Before pursuing this branch, little research should be done about place, scope and about doctors already practicing there.

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Scope of career in Cardiology

The scope of Cardiology is immense but it comes with a few difficulties of its own. Let see what they are.

  • Competition is extensive as there are a lot of cardiologists already practicing in metro cities.
  • Initially, one has to work under mentors and senior consultants for a few years and then can definitely join the hospital as a consultant. 
  • The competition is less in the 2nd and 3rd tier, so you can practice there for sometime and build a patient base and then shift to a metro city.
  • Getting a consultancy post in a medical college is also tough.
  • As far as scope is concerned, one can easily find a job, but has to move to a different state or tier for the initial few years.

Career Outside India

  • One can apply for fellowship in electrophysiology, interventional cardiology, structural heart interventions. All these fellowships are done outside.
  • In India electrophysiology is in JIPMER, Jaidev
  • If you want to settle outside after finishing cardiology, it will be harder to get in because it’s an intervention branch and most of the countries are reluctant in accepting cardiologists from outside.
  • If deciding to practice outside then cardiology might not be a branch to pick.

Further options after finishing DM or DNB


  • Fellowships in interventional cardiology
  • Fellowships in Singapore, Korea, Canada, US, UK, Australia
  • Fellowships in Pediatric cardiology
  • Fellowship in structural heart interventions

All these fellowships  can be done outside or in India and can narrow the focus to a particular field.

  • Practice as consultant in private or in medical college AIIMS Rishikesh, Jodhpur, etc.

Prerequisite for Becoming a Cardiologist

There is no such prerequisite. But for left handed people, initially, it is a little challenging, because everything is meant for right handed people. After 2-3 months of practice and with all the minor movements, there will be no issue and it will not affect your caliber as well. However, you must have a big heart before entering into cardiology. This branch is not for those who get scared easily.

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Top Institutes for Cardiology

  • Central Institutes are all good example PGIMER Chandigarh (lot of interventions, lot of hands on)
  • AIIMS Delhi
  • GB Pant Delhi
  • SGPGI Lucknow
  • AIIMS Rishikesh, Jodhpur
  • Shri Chitra 
  • State medical colleges
  • Jaideva Bangalore (very good)
  • Ramaiah
  • Indira Gandhi medical college in shimla
  • KGMU Lucknow
  • Bangalore medical college
  • Madras medical college

So, now that you know all the merits and demerits of pursuing a super speciality in Cardiology and the scope of pursuing a super speciality in Cardiology, you must gear your preparations in the right direction. Download the PrepLadder app and start your NEET SS preparations today.

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