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All You Need To Know About PrepLadder’s MCQ Based Discussions for NEET SS Preparation

Jun 06, 2022

MCQ Based Discussions For NEET SS

NEET SS Examination is one of the most challenging entrance exams nationwide.

According to the latest exam pattern followed by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) that conducts the NEET SS exam, a candidate is required to attempt a total of 150 MCQ questions in 150 minutes.

Unquestionably, to ace the NEET SS exam practicing MCQs is critical. 

At PrepLadder we aim to equip you with the best learning tools that can help tackle questions of all difficulty levels easily. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with MCQ Based Discussions for NEET SS aspirants.

Dive in to know more about this excellent learning resource and how you can benefit from it. 

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Neet ss mock test

What is PrepLadder’s MCQ Based Discussions About?

PrepLadder offers NEET aspirants an efficient and advanced way to answer MCQs. We provide you access to comprehensive topic-wise MCQ discussion videos featuring subject matter experts who will discuss all the key topics with a clinical approach. 

You will be able to quickly revise the topic, know relevant questions related to that topic and clear all your doubts with differential diagnosis discussions. 

These videos are especially curated to help you build a stronger conceptual understanding of a topic in a way that ensures knowledge retention. 

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How Does MCQ Based Discussions Help NEET SS Preparations? 

The questions asked in the NEET SS exam are designed to thoroughly assess a candidate’s factual knowledge. Besides this latest exam pattern also helps the examiners understand how you interpret, synthesize and apply your knowledge.

So, to succeed in the NEET SS exam, every aspirant must have- 

  • Conceptual understanding of the topics
  • Time management skills to attempt maximum questions correctly 
  • Speed and accuracy

PrepLadder’s MCQ Based Discussions is introduced to help candidates hone all these above-mentioned skills. 

Here’s how - 

  • You get to learn from experienced specialists
  • We strive to cover the entire breadth of the exam syllabus in short videos that aid revision. 
  • Latest pattern based questions are discussed in intricate details.
  • Clinical approach is followed while discussing each topic, which helps build conceptual understanding. 
  • Differential diagnosis discussions help tackle more challenging questions. 
  • You will also get expert advice on how to answer questions in a quick and efficient manner.

Catch a glimpse of one of our MCQ Based Discussion Video below-


Now, you can catapult your NEET SS Preparations with the help of PrepLadder’s most trusted and extensive Qbank and these MCQ based discussions videos. Download the app now and get started on your journey to SUCCESS.

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