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Analyze Your Preparation For NEET SS 2022 : Achievements And Stats

Feb 24, 2022

NEET SS 2022 Preparation with achievements and stats

Whether you are a five-year-old kid or a doctor preparing for the NEET SS 2022, a constant inflow of motivation through appreciation is essential to reach your goal regardless of your age and ambition. Being applauded for the small wins strengthens our resolve to focus on the bigger picture. We understand how crucial it is to celebrate the little achievements to ensure consistency. Therefore, we have added a new section- Achievement to enrich our app with the constant dose of motivation you need through acknowledgment and appreciation of your hard work, grit, and determination.

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Achievement & Stats: Everything you need to know

This new addition is a part of the ME tab in the PrepLadder app. It entails the following:


Snapchat streaks are fun but not better than the streaks, which will serve as an excellent source of motivation to stay on track and prepare for the exam with unflinching determination.

To earn a streak, you have to-

  • Watch at least 2 hours of video lectures or attempt 60 questions.
  • Watch at least 5 hours of video lectures.
  • Practice at least 100 questions.
  • Attempt a full-length MOCK/Past year exam.

You learn about your current and longest streaks in this section. For weekly or monthly analysis, tap on ‘View Learning Timeline’. The graphical representation of accomplished streaks helps you monitor your progress. 

Like streaks on Snapchat demand regularity, these streaks pave the way for regular goal establishment and achievement because these too demand regularity!

Lifetime Progress

This section helps you evaluate your subject-wise performance by providing data related to time spent on watching videos, attempting MCQs, the number of correct/incorrect questions attempted, the average time taken per question, and so on. You can view the data for all subjects or a specific subject by applying the filter.

You can check your rank and accuracy in a given subject, which further determines whether the given subject is one of your strengths or weaknesses.

Attempted Test Comparison

This section provides you with a detailed analysis of your subject-wise rank and performance. It displays the total number of NEET-SS aspirants who have appeared for a given test so far. Also, the performance score can be compared based on scores achieved, accuracy level, number of attempted questions, and the correct number of answers marked.

Overall Rank

If you appear for a given NEET-SS test while it is LIVE, your rank is calculated considering the total number of users who attempted the test in that specific time duration while it is live.

If you appear for a given test after the specified time duration is over, i.e., when it is no longer LIVE, then the overall rank is calculated based on the performance benchmark set by the learners who took the test when it was live.


Be it a trophy proudly resting on your shelf or the one earned for your spectacular consistency while learning on the PrepLadder app; trophies have their way of making you feel proud of your journey and inspiring you to march forward with more enthusiasm. You earn a trophy after successfully completing 90% of a question bank for a given subject. You can view all the trophies earned by you in the ME section- the badges of your exemplary hard work.


Remember when your teachers would draw little stars on your hands to applaud your efforts as a young learner? You have come a long way since then, preparing for one of the most challenging exams conducted in the country. However, that feeling is still fresh. With the launch of the new features, it is time for you to experience the old goodness the new way. You will be rewarded with colored stars based on the percentage of the overall question bank completed.


Share: You can share the unlocked stars with your friends or mentors via the share icon at the top right corner of their screen.

Star Details: This section gives details like- the unlocked star, date of the accomplishment, an appreciation message from the concerned educator, etc.

Watch Appreciation Message: Nothing compares to the feeling of being applauded by the mentors who impart education and lead us to success. By clicking on this option, you can watch the video that displays a message by the concerned educator, reminding you that your efforts are noticed, valued, and appreciated.

Dedicate to Faculty: Why wait for teachers’ day to express your gratitude when you can dedicate your star to them whenever you want? Thank you notes are special in many ways, and this is why this feature allows you to write a short message for your favorite teachers.


If you have a friend list, you can check and compare their performances with yours based on accuracy level, number of attempted questions, and the number of correct answers. This section serves as a source of encouragement and lets you ensure that your friends take their preparation seriously.

We can’t wait for you to enhance your preparation by making the most of these incredible new features. These will help you analyze your growth, give you more reasons to stay focused throughout the journey, and keep up the good work because when every achievement leads to a reward, you are motivated to achieve more!

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