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Best Books For NEET SS 2021 Preparation

Jul 16, 2021

Best Books for NEET SS

Choosing the right book for NEET SS 2021 preparation will help you go about your exam preparation with ease. So, to make your NEET SS exam preparation simple and stress-free, we've compiled a list of the highly recommended NEET SS preparation books that will assist you in clearing the NEET SS entrance exam.

The trick to choosing excellent study material is to shortlist a set of preparation books that include fundamental concepts of the NEET SS topics along with practise questions with varying difficulty levels. Given below are a few books that will help to kick start your NEET SS exam preparation. They include highly recommended preparation books for NEET SS Medicine and Surgery.

Book NameAuthor Name
Surgery Essence 7th Edition 2019By Dr. Pritesh Singh
Surgery SixerBy Dr. R.Rajamahendran
Schwartz's Principles of SurgeryBY F. Charles Brunicardi
Pediatric Primary Care By Burns
MCQ books in Medicine By Dr. Deepak Marwah & Dr.  Mudit Khanna

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How To Choose The Right Books For NEET SS 2021 Preparation?

It is very important to choose the right kind of study material for your NEET SS preparation as it will not only help you in preparation but will also help you score well in the exam. Given below are a few pointers that can help you choose the best NEET SS preparation books for your 2021 preparation. Follow these pointers to identify and select the high-yielding NEET SS Medicine books and NEET SS Surgery books.

Pick The Most Recent Edition: 

Before selecting the books, make sure to check for the most recent edition of the book to stay up to date on the contents and information of the NEET SS exam.

Study From Well-Known Authors:

It is always preferable to select and study from NEET SS preparation books written by well-known authors. Here’s a list of Best Books For NEET SS Pediatrics, Surgery and Medicine preparation.

The Book Should Be Easy To Read:

NEET SS aspirants should ensure that the book covers all of the topics and sections covered in the NEET SS 2021 syllabus and is written in a language that is easy to understand. Also, make sure to refer to the index and contents of the NEET SS book before purchasing it. This will ensure that you are investing in excellent study material for your NEET SS exam preparation.

Refer To Online Study Material:

Many online coaching centres that prepare students for the NEET SS exam offer study materials in form of hard copies or soft copies of notes. So, you can also consult the preparation books recommended by NEET SS coaching institutes.

Books With Previous Year Papers & Mock Tests:

As a NEET SS aspirant, you can either opt for taking online mock tests or choose a book for preparation that contains a significant amount of NEET SS previous year's question papers with answers to improve your question-solving skills. Such a book will ensure your preparation level improves and increases over time so that you can perform your best in the NEET SS exam.

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