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NEET SS: Fighting The Common Challenges

Sep 30, 2021

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NEET SS pattern: The surprises no one asked for!

The art of solving MCQs

Resources for the NEET SS preparation 

NEET SS- Fight the common challenges with PrepLadder

NEET SS pattern: The surprises no one asked for!

Welcoming a change in the exam pattern is possible if it is introduced well in time, thereby giving you the required time to strategize things as per the updated pattern. The recent introduction of changes by the National Board of Examination has led to frustration and stress among the NEET SS aspirants. And it is not the first time that the exam pattern has been changed to the extent that it forces you to recreate your plan. Considering the number of days left for the examination, it is challenging to start afresh at this stage with a new approach while incorporating the changes. However, you can still cross the finish line with a remarkable performance. To understand the revised exam pattern, here is the link.

We understand how your list of questions could be overwhelming because you don’t know where you will get all the answers, leaving no room for doubts.

Well, you are just a click away from leading your doubts to the exit door. Watch this video and bid a cheerful farewell to all your doubts related to the exam pattern.

The art of solving MCQs

Before we dig in a little deeper, we have a multiple choice question for you:

Question) An 18-year-old male presented to the OPD with complaints of failure to develop secondary sexual characters. On physical examination, he was found to have tall stature with eunuchoid body proportions and anosmia. Which one of the below would be the likely diagnosis?

  • Klinefelter syndrome
  • Kallmann syndrome
  • Praderwilli syndrome
  • Laurence Moon Bardet Biedl syndrome

 (The source of question and solution- PrepLadder App)

The correct answer is at the end of this write-up.

We know that NEET SS is not your first entrance exam, and therefore, you know what it feels like to deal with multiple-choice questions. We also know that some of you know things so well that conducting an hour-long lecture on even a complex topic would not terrify you, but attempting an objective-type question paper is not one of your strengths.

The key that unlocks the expertise in attempting multiple choice questions lies in relevant and high-yield question banks and mock tests. The more you face the fear, the less frightening it seems. Consider the following factors while choosing a mock test series to become more efficient at answering MCQs:

  • It should adhere to the updated exam pattern.
  • Your chosen mock test series should cover the entire syllabus.
  • There should be a timer to enhance your time management skills.
  • The test submission should be followed by a detailed analysis of the performance.
  • It should allow you to monitor your progress and also enable you to compare your performance with that of your peers and toppers across the country.

If you think that it is not possible to find a mock test series that confidently checks off everything on your list and qualifies as an ideal collection of exam-relevant tests, check the brilliantly structured mock tests on the PrepLadder app. We are certain that you will happily change your opinion!

NEET SS pediatrics elite plan

Resources for the NEET SS preparation 

Super Speciality follows an arduous journey that makes you eligible for appearing in the NEET SS. The path chosen by the most intellectual minds across the country should have no room for compromises when choosing the study material and other resources required for the preparation. Now the real challenge is to find everything in one place, eliminating the need to spend months collecting the best resources. 

There is a mountain of the syllabus to be covered as a NEET SS aspirant. You have the potential and the courage one needs, for a trek as difficult as this, but you need the best of everything to reach the top.

PrepLadder is home to India’s best NEET SS video lectures, the most comprehensive QBank, and real exam-like mock tests. Additionally, features like Custom Module and Treasures make it stand out and pave the way for outstanding performances. 

It has:

  • Over 650 hours of high yield exam-oriented video content for Medicine,
  • 300+ hours of high yield exam-oriented video content for Surgery, and
  • Over 140 hours of high yield exam-oriented video content for Pediatrics.
  • More than 10,000 MCQs dedicated to Medicine,
  • Over 8000 questions framed for Surgery, and
  • 6000+ questions based on Pediatrics,

Here are the resources to ace the NEET SS exam.

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If your NEET SS preparation plan is a product of perseverance, effective strategies, passion, and reliable resources, you will be indomitable. Step into the battlefield, defeat the challenges and climb the ladder of success with excellence.

Your dream super speciality branch is not as far as it may seem; you just need to wear the right set of glasses to see it vividly.

All the best!

(The correct answer to the question: Kallmann Syndrome)

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