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NEET SS Success Stories: Toppers Reveal The Secrets Of Their Success

Mar 10, 2022

NEET SS Topper Tales To Inspire You

Do you look at NEET SS toppers in awe and wonder what worked for them and how you can be where they are? If the answer to this question is a resounding yes, then you are in for a treat. And even if it’s a no, we promise that this blog is worth your time.

The road of NEET SS preparation has challenges, doubts, and questions. However, learning from the journeys of the toppers can pave the way for the clarity you seek. So, we decided to share the success stories of some of the NEET SS 2021 toppers to enrich your path with motivation and proper guidance. 

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NEET SS Topper Tales

Dr. Neha Yadav, DM Pediatrics, NEET SS 2021 Rank 3

Dr. Neha experienced the joy of being among the top three rankers following the announcement of the NEET SS 2021 result. Toppers like her strengthen the resolve of passionate learners across the country to live their dreams. She regards Dr. Sandeep’s video lectures on the PrepLadder app as ‘MINI Nelson’. Dr. Neha thoroughly studied the Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics and did not miss out on Dr. Sandeep’s videos during her preparation. 

She has an essential piece of advice for the aspirants- Don’t Overthink. Her experience has taught her that, more often than not, the right answers are right there! So, quit overanalyzing and digging in too deep.

She swears by PrepLadder’s quality content and believes that one must focus on the crucial points. 

Dr. Neha prepared for the exam so well that she found the paper easy. And while that may seem impossible right now, if you are determined enough and choose suitable sources for preparation, you will also experience the wonderful feeling of finding the paper uncomplicated.

Dr. Sabyasachi, DM Pediatrics, Rank 6

His story is one of a kind. Dr. Sabyasachi prepared for NEET SS while striking a balance between rendering his duties at a hospital and playing his role as husband and father. Not only that, his journey stood against the common myth that you can not get a good rank if there is a significant gap between your post-graduation and the time you choose to prepare for the super-specialty exam. He, in fact, used his clinical experience to his advantage. 

Dr. Sabyasachi gives credit to PrepLadder’s video lectures and question bank for giving a meaningful direction to his preparation. And if you are wondering what drove him to overcome all the challenges, the answer is motivation. He believes that if you feel motivated and inspired from within, nothing can stop you from accomplishing your targets. And we could not agree more!

Dr. Sameer Purra, DM Cardiology, NEET SS 2021 Rank 19

Dr. Sameer’s incredible performance is a product of hard work and persistence. He shares how the light of right mentorship and guidance can make all the difference in one’s journey. 

He relied upon the PrepLadder app for Medicine preparation. He appreciates the quality of Dr. Santosh Patil’s lectures and discusses how they helped him enhance his knowledge the right way. One can not underestimate the importance of choosing the right source for their NEET SS preparation. He points out that the bookstores are home to many books bearing objective-type questions for practice. However, the incorrect answers are the deal-breakers. 

One of the greatest takeaways from his journey is the significance he gives to choosing the apt branch as per one’s personality, preferences, and long-term goals.

Revision is an essential part of the preparation journey, and Dr. Sameer relied on PrepLadder’s QBank for the preparation and revision. His learning experience was rewarding and led him to turn his dream into a beautiful reality.

Dr. Sundaresan, DM Cardiology, Rank 29

Dr. Sundaresan was discouraged from choosing Cardiology, and he fought a hard battle against time. But he emerged victorious by achieving a great score and proving that the right strategies work like a charm! He had less than six months to prepare for the NEET SS. But instead of giving up without trying, he chose to make the most of the time he had. Dr. Sundaresan appreciates PrepLadder’s extensive question bank and video lectures for making his preparation journey a rewarding learning experience. He enhanced his conceptual understanding by watching the videos, practiced well by solving the multiple-choice questions, and analyzed his performance by appearing for the mock-tests on the PrepLadder app. 

His experience is a testament to the fact that despite starting late, you can reach the destination if your study resources are apt and take you in the right direction.

We have more success stories coming up for you to help you draw the map that leads to your destination- a good rank in the NEET SS 2022.

Stay Tuned!

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