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NEET-SS Surgery: Important Books and Exam Pattern

Apr 8, 2023

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Books for General Surgery Preparation

NEET-SS Surgery: Important Books and Exam Pattern

Do you want to make your NEET SS Surgery 2023 preparation easier and less stressful? SS Surgery preparation does not have to be so hard, especially when you have a reliable resource to fall back upon - PrepLadder! In this blog, you will find the most recommended books for NEET SS Surgery preparation.

NEET SS is a national level entrance exam conducted for admission in DM/ M.Ch courses. It will be a group-based exam and the questions will be asked only from the broad speciality feeder. Candidates will have the choice to opt for any of the super specialities as per the feeder subject.

Let's learn about how to prepare for NEET SS Surgery including the exam pattern and the most recommended books.

NEET SS Exam Pattern

A total of 150 questions will be asked in the NEET SS exam. Candidates shall be given 2 1⁄2 hours duration (150 minutes) to attempt the questions. All the 150 questions would be from the Curriculum of the Post Graduate Exit level of the primary feeder broad speciality subject.

Mode of ExaminationOnline
Type of QuestionsMCQs
Number of Questions150
Languages of Question PaperEnglish
Mark for each correct answer4 Mark
Negative MarkingYes (25% i.e 1 Mark)
Maximum Marks400 Marks

Those are the highlights of the NEET SS 2023 exam pattern. If you need more information or wish to read in more detail read NEET SS 2022-23 Latest Exam Pattern Explained.

Books to read for NEET SS Surgery Exam

You see the doctors in the super speciality departments and admire the aura they hold. So, some realize during their 2nd or 3rd year of post-graduation, that it’s now time to study for NEET SS. if you have decided on Surgery, the first question that pops up in your mind is

“Which are the best books for NEET SS Surgery?”

Given below is the answer to the above question. You will find all the important NEET SS Surgery books that will help yo ace all Surgery related questions.

Books for General Surgery Preparation

1. Love and BaileyAccording to PrepLadder’s analysis, various questions have been asked from Love & Bailey that involved important chapters; Neurosurgery being one of them. This is one of the most-read NEET SS Surgery books.

Therefore, it is recommended to go through Love and Bailey in between the lines repeatedly.

Make sure to read the 1st ten chapters, cover to cover. Know that every table or box is a potential question. Train your mind to answer four worded statements, the examiner is most likely to tweak one of those lines to form an MCQ.

Other important chapters to read are Transplant, salivary gland tumours and general oncology. Questions in general oncology are generally on gene mutations linked to a particular disease.

2. Sabiston
- This is another most-recommended NEET SS Surgery book to read for the general surgery part. It contains the same topics to be read as per Bailey but they given in more detail.

Moreover, there is an MCQ book by Dr Pritesh Singh that is based on Sabiston’s. It includes system-wise and chapter-wise coverage of MCQs from Sabiston. One must emphasize this book as well along with Sabiston’s Textbook of General Surgery and Campbell’s Urology. It will surely benefit you the most.

3. Practice NEET SS Surgery Books - Review MCQ books like Schwartz, Rusch, NMS series and board review questions are available, in the market. They are good for practice and forming concepts, why one choice is correct and others are wrong.

4. GI Surgery books for NEET SS -

For GI Surgery Preparation, let me divide it into two parts

(i) AIIMS preparation

(II) NEET preparation


a) Sabiston — Whole GI, Abdominal trauma, Bariatric Surgery Chapter, Abd wall chapter. Read it three to four times.
b) Shackelford — Complete
c) Blumgart- Complete

(ii) NEET

a) Main book is Sabiston and some times they ask questions from Shackelford. So it helps if you have been preparing for over a year

5. OncoSurgery 

Read Devita from cover to cover.

MD Anderson — Handbook of Surgical Oncology helps you understand the topics and is easy to read.

And those are the most recommended and most read NEET SS Surgery books in the market. Make sure you are thorough with most of them.

Last piece of Advice:

It is recommended that you acquaint yourself well with topics from Love & Bailey and Sabiston’s Textbook of General Surgery along with MCQs book by Dr. Pritesh Singh i.e. based on Sabiston.

“Opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared.”

Hurry! Don’t miss out on this opportunity. There are many online resources available for practising and revising the General Surgery part. PrepLadder SS Dream Pack is one such portal to meet all your exam preparation needs. It’s the Most Comprehensive Course for NEET SS Surgery.

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We hope this blog will assist you in preparing surgery thoroughly for NEET-SS.

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