Best Physics Books For NEET-UG

Dec 05, 2021

Best Physics Books NEET-UG

Students who want to score great marks in the Physics section of NEET-UG must hunt for the best Physics books. The Physics syllabus is vast, tricky, theoretical and numerical based. The technicalities and concepts are essential to grasp when it comes to NEET Physics. So, to score well in the Physics section, aspirants should have in-depth knowledge about this subject. Usually, aspirants who wish to pursue MBBS are well versed in Biology and Chemistry, but not in Physics. Thus, it becomes more crucial to choose the right and best books. 

What are the best NEET-UG Physics books to which I should refer? Where do I build my conceptual knowledge, and where do I practice numerical problems? But no worries, because we will help you with the best books for your NEET-UG Physics preparation. 

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NEET-UG Physics Exam Pattern

The NEET-UG question paper comprises a total of 200 questions. There are 50 questions each in Physics and Chemistry and 100 questions in Biology (50 questions in Botany and 50 questions in Zoology). Therefore, the NEET Physics syllabus is 25% of the whole NEET-UG syllabus and requires a good combination of hard and innovative work. However, firstly, let's look at the NEET-UG examination pattern:

PhysicsNumber of QuestionsMarking Scheme
Physics Section A35140
Physics Section B1540
Total100 (attempt 90 questions)180

Need of NEET-UG Physics Reference Books

  • Since NCERT books only build a foundation, students will need other books to crack NEET-UG, which will help in intensifying their knowledge. 
  • NEET-UG Physics section contains multiple-choice questions, and using only NCERT books won’t help you solve the MCQs accurately. Therefore, it is mandatory to practice the objective books other than NCERT to crack the NEET-UG with flying colours.
  • Reference books help you to solve the question paper within the stipulated time.

Without these relevant reference books, you will not understand the structure, difficulty level, NEET exam pattern, marking scheme, and other aspects of the examination.

Features of A Good Physics Reference Book

For an extensive practice of NEET Physics, proper guidance is necessary. Therefore, there are some books most recommended by the NEET-UG toppers and subject experts. So, before buying any book, consider the following points:

  • It must clear your basics.
  • It is self-explanatory, strengthens concepts and provides a good practice platform, especially numerical questions. 
  • It helps in building plans to solve problems with the minimum time.

It is vital to find out the books that will help you master the NEET-UG Physics section with a perfect score. There are abundant resources available for the Physics section, and the search for the best Physics books is often a struggle because of so many choices available in the market. Therefore, sometimes it is confusing and misleading to choose the right books. So, to help you find the best Physics books for NEET-UG, we have enlisted some books which are the best for practising problems, building concepts and clearing doubts. Also, this latest analysis of the best NEET-UG Physics books will help you pick the best among others.

1.The Concept of PhysicsH.C VermaIt contains a large number of solved and unsolved problems for practice, excellent for NEET aspirants.
2. Objective PhysicsD.C PandeyIt helps to grasp concepts and brush up on questions with accuracy and speed.
4.NCERT Physics Vol. I and Vol. IINCERTIt is suitable for clearing concepts and building fundamentals.
5.Problems in General PhysicsI.E. IrodovIt contains approx 1900 problems, is best for solving the most complicated problems and has been specially designed for students studying advanced Physics. 
6.Fundamentals of PhysicsHalliday, Resnick & WalkerIt offers engaging and clear explanations of concepts,  applications of concepts and sharpens problem-solving skills.
7.Objective Physics Prof. Satya Prakash Arya (MTG Publishers)It is written in a simple and clear language and clarifies concepts with concise theory and flow charts. Every chapter is followed by plenty of Multiple choice questions. A special segment, "NCERT Extract", is provided at the end of each chapter. It is a perfect resource book for all medical entrance examinations like NEET, JIPMER, AIIMS, etc. 

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The Physics section is the most challenging, as experts and toppers state that it requires more conceptual knowledge. Hence you need to start with NCERT first, and then after completing this book, you can gradually move to more advanced books to practice and gain confidence.

Furthermore, you can clear your concepts and doubts from the PrepLadder's NEET-UG Physics educators with their engaging video lectures.

Reading from a good set of books for NEET-UG Physics preparation helps students acquire in-depth knowledge and provides them with additional information that eventually helps them score great. Besides this, the right books have a proper explanation for the NEET-UG Physics topics, which focus on the ground level of students. Moreover, to practice NEET-UG Physics questions, you can practice with PrepLadder. It has a mock test series, custom modules, and QBank, which are comprehensive and based on the actual exam pattern. Additionally, you can learn and build new concepts with the engaging videos by NEET-UG Dream Team. You can subscribe to our Telegram Channel to learn more about the NEET exam, news, updates, syllabus, exam patterns, and more!

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