How To Prepare For NEET-UG In 6 Months?

Dec 13, 2021

Prepare for NEET-UG in 6 Months

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot", this phrase is correct when it comes to preparation for NEET-UG in 6 months. The NEET-UG is expected to be conducted in May 2022. It is just the right time to prepare for NEET considering factors like effective strategy and time management skills. 

So don't worry, guys, you still have enough time left; thus, start preparing now!

You should keep in mind the first thing is the exam temperament and your spirit to become a doctor. Your mindset should be aligned, and your motivation should be high. The rest is the preparation, which we are discussing here to reveal the effective ways to prepare and crack NEET-UG in 6 months.

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1. An Efficient NEET Study Plan

Create a feasible timetable that is suitable for you, giving importance to all three subjects. Stick to your study plan and try to achieve short goals daily. Dedicate time to your hobbies, short breaks and indulge in relaxation. It is crucial to take short breaks between study hours to grasp the information efficiently. Most importantly, take a minimum of 7 hours of sleep.

2. NEET-UG Exam Pattern

Before preparing, know all aspects of the NEET-UG exam pattern in depth. Know about the marking scheme, the difficulty level of the exam, chapter-wise weightage, essential questions and the entire syllabus. As the NEET-UG syllabus aligns with the NCERT syllabus, thus it is crucial to understand and practice class 11th and 12th NCERT textbooks.

NEET-UG Exam Pattern
Total No. of Questions200 questions (Objective-type)
Exam ModePen and paper-based mode
Type of questionsMCQs 4 options with 1 correct answer
Duration of Exam180 minutes (3 hours)
SubjectsChemistry, Physics, & Biology (Zoology & Botany)
Marking Scheme4 marks for a correct answer
Negative Marking-1 mark for a wrong answer

3. The Right Books and Study Materials

Without proper study material and the right books, you can't start your preparation. To win a battle, you should have a complete set of weapons. Read, learn and understand the concepts in depth with proper study materials and books. There are plenty of books available in the market, yet, choosing the appropriate content might be a challenging task. You should study from the NCERT books and reference books recommended by toppers, subject experts, seniors and teachers. Thus, seek good quality books, mock tests, previous year’s question papers and study materials.

If you want to secure a medical seat in your dream college, then after completing NCERT textbooks, solve some good reference books. We have enlisted some good reference books below that will definitely help you in 6 months of NEET-UG preparation:

NEET-UG Physics1. Fundamentals of Physics: Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
2. Concepts of Physics: H.C. Verma
3. Objective Physics: DC Pandey
4. Problems in General Physics: I.E Irodov
NEET-UG Chemistry1. Modern ABC of chemistry- vol 1 and vol 2
2. Physical Chemistry: OP Tandon
3. Practice books: VK Jaiswal (Inorganic), MS Chauhan (Organic) and N Aswathi (Physical)
4. Concise Inorganic Chemistry: JD Lee
5. Objective Organic Chemistry: Arihant publications
6. Organic Chemistry: Morrison and Boyd
7. A textbook of Inorganic Chemistry: O.P Tandon
8. A textbook of Physical Chemistry: O.P Tandon
NEET-UG Biology1. Objective Botany: Ansari
2. Objective Biology: Dinesh
3. Elementary Biology: Trueman (vol 1 and vol 2)
4. Pradeep Biology
5. GR Bathla Biology

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4. Make Notes 

Whenever you are studying, always make notes. Basic work of notes is to filter the most important information and preserve it so that you can grasp that information easily. It is one of the most exceptional ways to enhance your memory. Write down the information in a concise manner step by step with coloured diagrams. It will help you during your revision phase. Write in a clear handwriting.

5. Evaluate and Improve

Mock Tests and previous years question papers play an essential role in the preparation and progress of a NEET-UG aspirant. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to solve and practice extensive mock tests, question banks, sample papers and previous years papers. After solving each paper, look for the errors and mistakes you have made. Let's see how mock tests and previous year’s question papers help in NEET-UG preparation:

  • Students can easily enhance their speed and accuracy to solve objective-type problems and learn to solve the paper within a stipulated time of three hours.
  • Students get a clear picture of the exam pattern and get familiar with the types of questions that will come in the exam. 
  • By solving mock tests, students build precision and subject foundation.
  • Mock tests and sample papers help students boost their confidence and reduce their pre-exam anxiety.
  • They get aware of the mistakes they are making continuously.

6. Mindful Revision

Revision is the crucial part of the NEET-UG preparation phase. An incomplete revision means no preparation at all. Therefore, a smart revision technique for NEET-UG will surely save you time, hard work and will make you exam ready. Tips for an effective revision strategy for NEET:

  • Start your revision with the most important topics and high weightage chapters.
  • Read and practice your notes with concentration and try to retain the images, diagrams, charts, tables, formulas etc. 
  • You can also study with online resources because they serve as visual learning tools for an efficient understanding of concepts.
  • Daily allot a minimum of 3 hours for solving mock tests and previous year's papers.
  • Analyse your mistakes and errors and write them down in a notebook. Practice similar questions for seamless learning.
  • Find a mentor, clear your doubts, queries and concepts with him.

Lastly, do not get demotivated because "a little progress every day adds to big results". These tips will help you learn the right preparation technique to achieve your dreams. 

Remember that a positive outlook and determination will lead to a fruitful result. So, pull up your socks and prepare with PrepLadder, which is a one-stop solution for reliable and authentic NEET resources like custom modules, mock tests, video lectures and QBank

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