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Learn to Deal with FMGE Exam Stress

Nov 03, 2016

Deal with FMGE Exam Stress
FMGE exam is just one month away and majority of you must be putting in strenuous efforts in order to clear the exam. In Today’s world of intense competition, aspirants face a large number of challenges. Majority of the aspirants have to face exam pressure and go through intense stress and anxiety. This post will familiarize you with the Tips on how to cope up with FMGE exam stress and keep stress and anxiety at bay while preparing  for the exam. Also read: How to attempt 300 questions in 300 minutes for FMGE
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Learn to Deal with FMGE Exam Stress

Here are a few tips to avoid FMGE Exam Stress:

1) Consistent & Organized Study 

Exam stress arises when organized and consistent study is absent. So, the only way to keep exam stress at bay is to study regularly and consistently. Further, you must organize and structure your study routine by using a Study schedule. Preparing a weekly study schedule is a great way to systematize your study. Also, make sure to follow the study routine with full dedication.

2) Selective Study 

With the limited time remaining for FMGE exam, blind study will surely not work. At this point, it is more important to focus on the Most Important Topics of each subject. Concentrate on the Most Important Topics of each subject and avoid wasting time on the unimportant ones. Smart work will be more fruitful in this case.

3) Solve Previous Year Papers upon completing the Syllabus and Revise

Upon completing the syllabus, you must solve at least 6-7 previous year papers of FMGE. This will greatly help you gauge your preparation level and also greatly boost your confidence and aid in keeping exam stress at bay. Revision will help you to know about your weaker sections and concentrate more on them. Always trust yourself and prepare as per the requirement.

4) Take Consistent Breaks in between the Study Hours

Sitting in the same study position for long hours generally deprives the mind of its vitality and energy and invites boredom. Therefore, the best way to extract the maximum output from the limited study hours is to take consistent breaks in between the study hours. Eat healthy food and take a short nap in the breaks in order to keep the mind refreshed. It will also help you to increase your grasping power.

5)Eat Healthy Food/Avoid Junk Food 

Take protein-rich foods such as cheese, egg, fish and milk in the breakfast which gives more energy. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruits and salads in the lunch and dinner. Avoid eating junk, high calorie foods and alcohol since they induce sleep, lower the concentration level of mind and efficiency. Make sure to eat small quantities of food at regular intervals in order to maintain your energy level.

6) Meditation 

Meditation is a great way of relaxing & refreshing the mind and body and keeping the stress at bay. Mediate regularly about half an hour in order to maintain your efficiency and productivity. Meditation in early morning is more useful.

7) Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

Make sure to drink plenty of fresh water throughout the day. Stick to herbal tea and coconut water instead of energy drinks and coffee. Drink large amount of fresh water throughout the day in order to remain hydrated and maintain energy level. It also helps to drive off laziness from the body.

8) Play Sports/Engage in Physical Activities

In order to boost up your efficiency and remain vibrant, play sports, exercise regularly, and practice yoga. These activities will help to keep stress away  while also refreshing your mind and body.

9) Take Adequate Sleep 

Do not compromise your sleep for study. Take 7-8 hours of sleep each day in order to keep your mind refreshed and maintain high energy level. Remember, improper sleep will increase the stress level of the mind and also lower concentration level, efficiency and productivity.

10) Visualize and chill out

Think you can do it and you are already half there. When you imagine yourself to be successful, you are more likely to succeed. Visualize success and convert that imagination into reality. Take deep breaths when you feel stressful this will help you to relax. Also read: Problems faced by FMGE aspirants Effectively Implementing the Above-listed Tips will definitely help you to keep the FMGE exam stress and anxiety at bay and help you to clear your exam in first time. Here are some FMGE Preparation Related articles:
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