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How to Prepare ENT for FMGE

Oct 01, 2016

ENT is a short but a highly substantial subject for a candidate to get through FMGE.  Every year, 8-10 questions from ENT are asked in FMGE. Therefore, you must have awareness of how to approach ENT while preparing for FMGE. In order to assist you in your preparation of ENT, we have devised this article which will enlighten you about the Best Books and Most Important Topics of ENT from FMGE perspective.
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Recommended Books for ENT Preparation

Our experts recommend the following Books for ENT Preparation for FMGE
S.NO. Recommended Books
1. EEE by Manisha Sinha
2. Review of ENT by Sakshi Arora

Most Important Topics of ENT for FMGE

Here is a list of the Most Important Topics of ENT for FMGE
Unit Most Important Topics
EAR Anatomy of Ear
Physiology of Hearing
Disease of External Ear
Test for Hearing Loss (Specifically in New Born)
Complications of CSOM
Glomus Tumors
Acoustic Neuroma
Meniere’s Diseas
Rehabilitative Methods
NOSE Epistaxis
Anatomy and Physiology
Inverted Papilloma
Maxillary Sinus Ca (Classification and Prognostic Lines)
Surgeries and Incisions
PHARYNX Anatomy (Most Important)
Nasopharyngeal Ca Tonsillitis
Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma
Spaces around Pharynx
Retropharyngeal Abscess
Ludwig’s Angina
LARYNX Anatomy (Most Important)
Ca Larynx
Vocal Cords Paralysis
Congenital Malformations of Larynx
Laryngeal Papilloma
Voice Disorders
Croup and Epiglottitis
Tb Larynx (Infact of ENT)
Intensely preparing the above-listed Topics would definitely help you answer 90% of the questions from ENT in FMGE. Image Based Questions are regularly asked in FMGE nowadays. In order to boost your score in Image based questions, study Images side by side while preparing Theoretical part. We are hopeful that the information shared above would surely help you to boost your score in ENT in FMGE. Also read: How to Prepare Gynecology & Obstetrics for FMGE How to Prepare Anatomy for FMGE How to Prepare Pharmacology for FMGE How to prepare PSM for FMGE How to Prepare Biochemistry for FMGE How to Prepare Physiology for FMGE How to Prepare Surgery for FMGE How to Prepare Pathology for FMGE How to Prepare Microbiology for FMGE For more assistance pertaining to FMGE preparation, post your queries in the Comments Section below!
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