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How to Prepare Pharmacology for FMGE

Sep 06, 2016


Pharmacology is a very extensive subject and requires lot of cramming. Pharmacology is almost forgotten by the time Medical students complete their final year and needs multiple revisions. But you must not worry since this problem is encountered by almost all Medical students. You must note that there is no shortcut for gaining proficiency in this subject. You will have to revise this subject at least twice or thrice prior to appearing for FMGE. You need not be apprehensive of Pharmacology since mastering it will provide you an edge over your competitors in FMGE. You need not study the entire syllabus of Pharmacology. This article will assist the FMGE aspirants in preparing Pharmacology with a selective approach.

Most Important Topics of Pharmacology for FMGE

I. General Pharma

Important topics in General Pharma are as follows:
  • Pre-Clinical trials and Clinical trials
  • Phases through which Pre-Clinical trials and Clinical trials pass
  • Inducers and Inhibitors of Cyp Enzymes
Preparing these topics in this unit will be sufficient. You can also download the list of most important topics for FMGE preparation.
FMGE Elite Plan

II. Autonomic Nervous System

This is a very significant unit of Pharmacology. Questions are surely asked from this unit in every FMGE exam. Attaining a thorough understanding of this unit will help you understand the rest of Pharmacology. You must focus on the application part in this unit. Questions from this unit are usually asked in the form of symptom complex. To be able to answer these questions, application of the knowledge of Receptors (such as α, β, β1, β2, β3) and Blockers (such as α, β) is required.

III. Autacoid

Under this topic, you need to emphasize on topics such as NSAIDs and Anti-Gout drugs. Preparing these two topics is sufficient in this unit.

IV. CNS (Central Nervous System)

CNS is a highly significant topic from FMGE perspective. Important Topics of CNS
  • Anti-Psychotics and Novel Anti-Depressants
  • Atypical anti-psychotics
  • Advantage of Atypical Anti-psychotics over Typical Anti-psychotics
  • Extra Pyramidal side effects of Typical Anti-psychotics
  • Opioids
  • Partial Antagonists
You need to remember the Names and Mechanisms under Opioids and Partial Antagonists. Another topic is Alcohol Sedatives which is not very important but you must attain superficial knowledge about it. Also read: 3 Month Revision Plan for FMGE

V. CVS (Cardio-Vascular System)

In CVS, you must emphasize on Anti-Arrhythmic and Anti-Angina drugs. Make sure to have a thorough knowledge of the new JNC 8 guidelines for Treatment of Hypertension. Preparing these topics thoroughly would be sufficient to answer the questions from this unit.


In this unit, you must focus on topics such as Proton pump inhibitors and drugs for IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). Preparing these topics properly would be adequate to answer questions from GIT.

VII. Hematology

In this unit, you must directly start off with Low molecular weight heparin and its comparison with un-fractionated heparin. Also, you must focus on Anti-Platelet Drugs. A large number of questions are asked from Topics such as Platelet function defects, coagulation pathways, etc. Preparing these topics is sufficient for Hematology.

VIII. Anesthesia

In this, you must focus on Anesthetic drugs.

IX. Anti-Microbial

In this unit, you must emphasize on General Principles since questions are frequently asked from Mechanism of Action and Side Effects of Drugs. Thoroughly prepare the list of Anti-MRSA drugs and Anti-Pseudomonas drugs. Also, focus on Topics such as specific Anti-Microbial, Anti-TB and Anti HIV drugs. Gather a brief knowledge about Drug Resistance, TDK, CDK, PI and Post Anti-biotic effects. Preparing the above-listed topics thoroughly is sufficient to attain proficiency in Anti-Microbials. You must note that Drug Resistance is also covered in Microbiology.

X. Anti-Cancer Drugs

At least one question is surely asked from Anti-Cancer Drugs. Important Topics
  • Immuno-suppressants
  • Biologicals
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We are sure that this article will definitely assist you to excel in your preparation of Pharmacology for FMGE Stay Tuned for More updates on FMGE preparation!
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