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How to Prepare Physiology for FMGE

Sep 09, 2016

Physiology is a highly substantial subject from FMGE perspective. Prepladder experts suggest that you can only excel in Physiology if you focus on how you read rather than what you read. Physiology is indeed highly linked to Medicine. In order to assist you to excel in your preparation of Physiology, we have compiled this article which will bring forth the Preparation Tips and Most Important Topics of Physiology from FMGE perspective.
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Preparation Tips & Most Important Topics of Physiology for FMGE 

Here are the preparation tips and Most Important Topics of Physiology for FMGE:

I. General Physiology

  • General Physiology is indeed one of the most substantial units of Physiology from FMGE perspective.
  • This is because Individual System Physiology is also covered under Medicine but General Physiology is not.
  • You must emphasize on Topics such as Cellular Basics like Diffusion and Transport Mechanisms, etc under this unit.
  • Preparing these topics is sufficient for General Physiology.

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II. Nerve-Muscle Physiology

  • This is indeed the Most Important Topic in Physiology.
  • Prepladder Experts suggest that at least one question is asked from topics such as Generation of Action Potential and Types of Fibers.
  • Make sure not to confuse Nerve-Muscle Physiology with the entire Neuro Physiology. You need not study the entire Neuro Physiology. 
Important Topics
  • Generation of Action Potential
  • Gamma Fibers, Alpha Fibers
  • Reciprocal Inhibition, Size Principal
  • Muscle Spindle Physiology – Focus on Basic Anatomical Constituents and Innervation under this
  • Knee Jerk, Withdrawal Reflex
  • Plasticity of Muscle Fibers
Strengthen your Concepts Thoroughly prepare topics such as α-γ Co- activation fibers, Working of Static Fibers and Dynamic Fibers, Rheobase, Chronnaxiae and Mechanism by which heat generation takes place.

III. Exercise Physiology

You must not omit Exercise Physiology since it carries a high weight age in FMGE. This is a unit which most people tend to neglect.

IV. Neuro Physiology

  • The most significant topics under Neuro Physiology are Memory, Learning and Speech.
  • You must focus on EEG in Sleep Study since questions have been asked from this consecutively over the last four years.
  • You need to prepare comparison of EOG, EMG and EEG for Normal Awake State, deep sleep and REM sleep.
You can also download the list of most important topics for FMGE preparation.

Scoring Order of 1st Prof Subjects

The most scoring first Prof subject is Biochemistry which must be prepared at the beginning followed by Anatomy and Physiology must be prepared at the end since it is very volatile and you tend to forget it. Thoroughly preparing the above-listed Topics will surely help you to score high in Physiology in FMGE. Also Read our blogs for FMGE Preparation :
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Stay Tuned for More Updates on FMGE Preparation!
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