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5 Proven Tips to Stay Motivated for the Postponed FMG Exam

Nov 30, 2022

FMG Exam

Just like knowing that there's an exam on the horizon motivates the students; similarly, the news of exam postponement can be discouraging. Students might feel frustrated, perplexed or even lost. 
We all know that the FMG exam, which was scheduled for December 4 2022, has now been postponed until January 20. Now, without the exam's looming date, it's easier to get distracted and end up derailing the months of preparation. So, how do we stay on target and not let the news of postponement affect our preparation?

Read this article to gain some proven tips that will keep you motivated.

Tips to Stay Motivated for the Postponed FMG Exam

Motivation is the key to maintaining all aspects of your life, including your career. So boost your level of motivation and supercharge your FMG exam preparation with the tips enlisted below-

Get over the stress 

get over the stress fmg exam

It's quite natural for a student to feel stressed and anxious upon hearing the news of exam postponement. It's our body's natural reaction to unfavorable conditions. And you are not the only one feeling stressed. Chances are your fellow FMG aspirants are also feeling anxious about the exam being postponed. 

So, step 1 is overcoming these feelings of stress and anxiety. You must give yourself a break and do what it takes to relax and become calm.

Read this article to get tips for overcoming anxiety before an exam.

Look at the bright side 

look at the bright side fmg exam

Keeping a positive outlook and believing that things will work out positively, in the end, is crucial to success. Now that the exam is postponed, it is an ideal time to regroup and harness this additional time towards strengthening your exam preparation. 

Most likely, there must be specific topics or areas you left untouched because of lack of time. You can use this time to strengthen your weak areas. This is the time to put your time and focus into evaluating your weak points and making necessary adjustments in your preparation. Make a list of all the topics that could use additional revision and practice, and plan on working on them. 

Don't forget - rest is the secret ingredient for success 

Don't forget - rest is the secret ingredient for success fmg exam

We usually tend to underestimate the power of 'off days' and taking an occasional break from preparation. However, the truth is that these breaks are crucial for our physical as well as mental health. It's also important to take time off to be more productive and to achieve sustainable progress. 

Now take a couple of days off to recharge yourself by doing things you enjoy and come back stronger to push through your preparation. 

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Plan to use the additional time wisely

Plan to use the additional time wisely fmg exam

Now you have additional 50 days to enhance your FMG exam preparation. To use this time wisely, it's essential to have a strategy. PrepLadder's expert faculty have discussed the same in a recent YouTube Live session.  

Watch the video below to know the best way to utilise the additional time, get insights into an actionable study plan and find ways to focus and ace the FMG exam on January 20 2023. 


Brush up on some revision strategies & Practice Mock Tests

Brush up on some revision strategies & Practice Mock Tests

Besides focusing on previously skipped topics, we also encourage students to get an extra reading or two of the entire exam syllabus during this additional time. 

The effective revision comes with several unparalleled advantages, including - 

  • Increased information retention, 
  • Better recall and 
  • Enhanced accuracy while answering the question during the exam. 

So, make sure to add a revision to your study plan. You can also go through Rapid Revision videos and notes on the PrepLadder app.

In addition to revision, you must also use this extra time to practice – and practice as you've never done before!

PrepLadder provides you with a vast QBank with over 10,000+ MCQs to practice and mock tests based on the latest exam pattern. So, why not benefit from it? Evaluating and tracking your progress will surely boost your confidence.

Lastly, keep your eye on the prize. Even though the exams are postponed, you must remember your goal and work hard to achieve it.

Get preparation tips, exam updates, and excellent learning resources by downloading the PrepLadder app.

Good luck! 

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