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Test for Hearing - NEET PG ENT

May 15, 2023

Test for Hearing - NEET PG ENT

Hearing tests are used to identify hearing loss. Tests for hearing don't hurt and don't call for specific preparation. There are various hearing tests available that detect hearing loss using various methods. Hearing tests can be used to check your hearing or to determine whether you have any hearing problems.

Read this blog further to get a quick overview of this important topic for ENT Preparation and ace your NEET PG/NExT exam preparation.

Is a Hearing Test Necessary and Why?

If you have hearing loss symptoms, you could require a hearing test. These consist of:

  • Difficulty hearing what others are saying, particularly in a noisy environment
  • Asking others to repeat themselves
  • Hearing high-pitched sounds poorly
  • Needing to increase the TV or music player's volume
  • An ear-ringing sensation

Hearing loss

When there is a problem with one or more ear components, ear nerves, or the area of the brain that controls hearing, hearing loss results. types of hearing loss:

  • Nerve deafness is another name for sensory neuropathy. This kind of hearing loss is brought on by an issue with the ear's anatomy or the nerves that regulate hearing. It could appear early in life or at birth. Usually, sensorineural hearing loss is irreversible. There are various degrees of hearing loss associated with this, from light (inability to hear certain noises) to profound (inability to hear any sounds).
  • Conductive. This kind of hearing loss is brought on by a blockage in the path of sound as it enters the ear. Although it can happen at any age, it seems to happen more frequently in infants and young children and is frequently brought on by ear infections or fluid in the ears. The majority of the time, conductive hearing loss is modest, transient, and curable.
  • Conductive and sensorineural hearing loss combined into one condition known as mixed.

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Test which are used to Measure Hearing Loss

1)Acoustic Reflex Measures

The effectiveness of the ear's response to loud noises is examined by acoustic Reflex Measures, commonly known as middle ear muscle reflex (MEMR). When you hear loud noises, a small muscle inside your ear tightens, which is normal hearing. The term for this is the acoustic reflex. Without your knowledge, it takes place. Before the test:

The audiologist or other healthcare professional will insert a gentle rubber tip into the ear. The tips will be used to transmit a stream of loud noises that will be captured by a device. The device will indicate whether or not the sound caused a reflex. If hearing loss is severe, a sound may have to be extremely loud or fail to elicit a reflex at all.

2)Pure Tone Test

It is also known as audiometry. As part of this test:

You'll put on some headphones. You will receive many tones through your headphones. At certain times during the exam, the audiologist or other provider will alter the tones' pitch and volume. The tones might only be faintly perceptible at times. When you hear the tones, the provider will prompt you to answer. Raise your hand or click a button as your response. The test aids in determining the quietest sounds you can hear at various pitches.

3)Tuning Fork Tests

The tuning fork tests offer an accurate clinical way to evaluate hearing loss. They are most helpful for individuals with unilateral, solely conductive or sensorineural hearing loss.

With formal pure tone audiometry, patients with bilateral loss or mixed losses are better evaluated.

The cranial nerves or the ear should be thoroughly examined before doing these tests.

A conductive hearing loss (CHL) and a sensorineural hearing loss can be distinguished using the Rinne and Weber tests.testing with tuning forks. A tuning fork is a metal instrument with two prongs that vibrates to produce a tone. Throughout the test:

The tuning fork will either be placed on top of your head or behind your ear by the audiologist or other healthcare professional. The server will strike the fork so that it sounds. Theexaminer will question you if you ever notice the tone being played at various volumes or whether you heard it equally in your left and right ears.

The test can identify whether hearing loss affects one or both ears based on where the fork is put and how you react. It can also reveal whether you have conductive or sensorineural hearing loss.

4)Tests for Word and Speech Recognition

 it  might reveal how well you can understand spoken language. Before the test,You'll put on earbuds. Through your headphones, the audiologist will speak to you and ask you to repeat a series of short phrases that are spoken at various volumes. The service provider will capture the quietest speech you can make out. Given that many patients with hearing loss have difficulty understanding speech in loud settings, some of the testing may be conducted there.


Tympanometry is a different kind of type test that evaluates how well your eardrum moves.

Tympanometry tests involve A tiny device will be inserted into the ear canal by the audiologist or other medical professional. Air will be forced into the ear by the device, causing the eardrum to oscillate. The movement is captured by a machine on graphs known as tympanograms.

The test assists in determining the presence of an ear infection or other issues such fluid or wax buildup, an eardrum hole, or a tear.

This is everything that you need to know about the test for hearing for your ENT preparation. For more interesting and informative blog posts like this download the PrepLadder App and keep reading our blog!

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