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How all FMGE Toppers study

Jan 25, 2017

This is a question that arises in every candidate’s mind at some point of time during their preparation. Here we are going to discuss their Qualities, the books that toppers study, and their approach toward examination preparation.
FMGE Mock Test


An FMGE aspirant should follow a holistic approach towards studying. A strong foundation in theory is a necessary prerequisite. It's wise to develop a strong base in theory during the undergraduate years and to build upon that knowledge during FMG Exam preparation. Toppers believe that solving only MCQs will not give a proper orientation, and that going through theory once is advisable. Also, giving mock tests is of utmost importance. A consistent effort for around 5-6 months is definitely required to clear the exam.

 List of books

For the list of best books for FMGE preparation, Click here.

Short notes

Preparing High yield notes based on MCQs, important points and topics that are volatile from standard books serve best if properly utilized.

 Revising and re- revising

All toppers believe that revision is the key to success. At least 2 revisions are necessary and the last 3 months should be dedicated for revision. Anything that is not revised is as good as not read. Also Read: Effective Techniques to Score Good in FMGE 2017

 Mock tests

Those who cracked FMGE with wonderful scores say that no one can make it without test practice. Time management only comes with mock tests. Silly mistakes fade away only with practice. Only reading the text without giving tests is like learning to drive by just watching videos and not actually getting on the road. Once you are done with all subjects, start giving Mock Tests. PrepLadder hosts the most competitive test series and the content is built through meta-analysis of FMG exams. To know more about FMGE Guarantee Pack, Click here!

Time Table

Keeping track of time you spend on a subject is very important, and if you don't give yourself a deadline, you will keep reading a subject forever. Since a timetable is of no use if you can't stick to it, you should give yourself realistic goals that are humanely achievable.

Avoid Reading lots of Books

Never try reading more than one book for a subject because it won’t be possible to revise it. And the time that is spent in reading those extra books would go down the drain which otherwise could have been positively utilized for revision. Always give adequate time for revision. The mantra is to study how much ever you can revise and never compromise on revision to learn something new during the last one month. Also Read: Three Phases your FMGE Preparation must go through


Toppers believe in giving themselves adequate rest before the final examination. Never stress out especially in the last 2 days of exam (have enough sleep a day before). Meditate, spend time with family, sleep tight, do whatever that helps you relax. If you keep up with that exhausting pace, you will burn out.


Preparation for entrance is really a trying affair. Have faith in yourself and never give way to despair. Be consistent and confident. If you have the dedication towards achieving your dream you will surely succeed. Remember there are 4 R’s for Preparation:
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