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How to Avoid Procrastination While Preparing for FMG Exam

Sep 20, 2023

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Prepare a Timetable 

Break down the tasks into smaller tasks 

Set Deadlines 

Reward Yourself

Follow the 5 Minute Rule

How to Avoid Procrastination While Preparing for FMG Exam

It's a crisp morning, you've planned the perfect study day for your upcoming FMG exam. With a cup of coffee in your hand, you sit down at your study table determined to conquer the day.

Ding… a notification pops on your phone and you think to quickly check it. Fast forward a few hours, and you're knee-deep in the endless scroll of cat videos, memes, and the latest trending topics. Your notes sit untouched, and the guilt begins to creep in.

Sound familiar?

Well, you are not alone. We all struggle to dodge the procrastination trap. But we are here to help. Read further to discover how to avoid procrastination while preparing for the FMG exam.


The key to addressing procrastination is introspection. You need to start with asking essential questions about your current status of your exam preparations and the time you have in hand to achieve your goals. 

It's crucial to gauge the gravity of your situation. For instance, if you're a second-year MBBS student preparing for the FMGE, procrastination might seem somewhat manageable. However, as the exam looms nearer, every moment becomes precious.

By understanding your current situation, you can take steps to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. This introspection reduces procrastination, as it prompts you to take immediate action towards achieving your goal.

Prepare a Timetable 

Once you have assessed your current situation and aligned your priorities, the next best thing you can do to overcome procrastination is making a timetable. Having a well-structured timetable is a strategy that every topper swears by. A timetable provides clarity on what, when, and how to study; significantly reducing procrastination.

Creating a timetable is simple: calculate your available time, list your tasks, and include breaks. Yet, sticking to it long-term is challenging. Short-term methods help. If you still find it challenging, explore PrepLadder’s Rapid Revision Edge. It offers a well-structured revision time table curated by experts to help you prepare for the upcoming FMG December exam efficiently. 

You won’t need to prepare a timetable, because you’ll be provided daily targets of video lectures and questions to prepare. 

Read this blog to know more about the benefits of Rapid Revision Edge.

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Break down the tasks into smaller tasks 

You can make your timetable even more effective if you break your tasks into smaller, more manageable goals.

First, list all the major topics or subjects you need to cover for the exam. 

Next, go over the sub topics for each of them and take one of these subtopics at a time and further divide it into specific study tasks. For instance, if you're studying the "Musculoskeletal System," your first task could include watching its Rapid Revision video lecture, making summary notes, and solving practice questions.

Assign deadlines to each of these tasks to create a sense of urgency and accountability.

By breaking your FMGE preparation into these bite-sized tasks with clear deadlines, you'll find it much easier to get started and stay on track. 

Every task you complete successfully will provide a sense of accomplishment, which will motivate you to tackle the next one. Over time, this approach will help you overcome procrastination and ensure steady progress toward your FMGE goals.

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Set Deadlines 

Creating a timetable and breaking down your tasks is the easy part- following it consistently is challenging. This is why you need deadlines. To make sure that you stick to your timetable.

Assigning practical deadlines to each task will create a sense of urgency that will motivate you to get started. It will also help you break down the vast exam syllabus into manageable sections, making it easier to tackle the entire syllabus. 

Besides pushing you to get started with the task, deadlines will also make you accountable for your progress. This way you will be less likely to delay or postpone your study sessions. It will also improve your time management and you will have a measurable way to track your progress

Reward Yourself

Another simple strategy to overcome procrastination is rewarding yourself. To do that, you will need to - 

  • Identify things that genuinely inspire you like a sport or activity you really enjoy. It can also be a movie you’ve been meaning to watch.
  • Then, divide your study plan into manageable milestones, such as completing specific topics or achieving certain test scores
  • Next, reward yourself with that movie or an hour of your favorite sport upon achieving a set milestones.

It will benefit you if you share your reward system with someone you trust and who can keep you accountable during the process. 

Follow the 5 Minute Rule

The "five-minute rule" is a tried and tested technique that helps overcome procrastination. As per the rule, you need to start by committing just five minutes to a task to get over the initial resistance and anxiety. Once you study with concentration for the first five minutes, it will give you a boost to keep going. Gradually you can build momentum.

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The rule also helps break complex topics or lengthy assignments into smaller, more achievable sections. As you accomplish tasks, even in those initial five minutes, you gain a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence. 

Over time, using the five-minute rule and the other techniques listed above, you will be able to increase your productivity and reduce procrastination. 

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