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A 60 Days Plan to Master the FMGE Dec ‘23 syllabus

Aug 23, 2023

A 60 Days Plan to Master the FMGE Dec ‘23 syllabus

If you are preparing for the FMGE December 2023 exam and want avoid a surprise like the FMGE July 2023 candidates experienced, read this blog thoroughly. 

The FMG exam pattern has changed and you need to change your preparation accordingly. 

Let’s begin.  

FMGE Mock Test

The Changing Landscape of FMGE

As an aspirant preparing for FMGE, you have likely heard tales of senior students who managed to pass this exam by focussing on a few subjects. Uptill now, this was the norm but that is not going to work any anymore.  

However, the FMG exam pattern has changed and therefore, that same approach will not help you in the upcoming exams.   

The most recent July exam has brought forth significant alterations that every candidate must be aware of. Let’s have a look at what they are in the paragraphs below.

    The FMG Exam Pattern Has Changed - What’s New?

  • Longer and Complex Questions

    One of the most significant changes is the integration of all subjects. The questions have become longer and more complex because they now span across multiple disciplines.

    For instance, a single question may combine anatomy, radiology, and surgery. Another question may include pathology, microbiology, and medicine. This means that as FMGE aspirants, you can no longer afford to study only a handful of subjects.

    The increased longevity of questions also means that you have to manage your time better. Longer questions require more time to read which leaves less time to solve for answers.

    However, longer questions do not mean the questions themselves have become more complex. Only the perspective of asking the question has changed.

  • Emphasis on Thorough Preparation

    To crack the FMGE December ‘23 exam, you will need a solid understanding of all 19 subjects.

    Gone are the days your seniors talked about when selective study would be enough.The new pattern of the FMGE demands thorough preparation in all 19 subjects.

    Therefore, you cannot afford to leave any subject or any topic. It does not matter whether you are passionate about a particular subject or not, you must allocate time and effort to cover all the bases.

    Lack of quality study is one of the many reasons why many FMGE candidates fail the exam.

  • The End of Questions With Images

    The FMGE July 2023 exam did not feature any images and it is a good idea to assume there will not be any images in the future as well. And this is all the more reason for you to thoroughly read and understand the concepts.

    For example, a question about Langhans’ Giant Cells might be asked as ‘giant cells with horseshoe-shaped nuclei’ instead of providing the picture. Images might be described instead of provided directly. This is another reason why the paper has become lengthier.

    In case you want a detailed overview, browse through the FMGE July 2023 exam analysis for the complete details.

    FMGE Elite Plan

    How To Change Your FMGE Preparation For Success

    To crack the exam pattern of FMGE you need to adopt effective strategies. Let’s go over a few strategies you must adopt.

  1. Time Management - More Important Than Before

    This is absolutely essential. Given the length and increased complexity of the questions, time management is paramount. Practice answering as many multiple-choice questions (MCQs) as you can to improve your speed and accuracy.

  2. Comprehensive Study is a Must

    The new pattern takes a realistic approach to testing. Clinical-based questions of a similar nature to what you would encounter in the real world are asked. To ensure you can tackle them well, cover all 19 subjects thoroughly. This means you have to complete the entire syllabus and no subject can be left untouched.

  3. Combine Main Videos and RR For Max Performance

    The best method to extract the maximum benefit from your study resources is to mix and match your study materials. Here’s how.

    For example, if you're confident in a topic, use Rapid Revision (RR) videos to save time. RR will lead you through all the important points for a each topic quickly. For unfamiliar topics, you must start with the main videos for a conceptual and in depth understanding.

    Studying only with RR might leave gaps in your knowledge but on the other hand, you simply do not have the time to watch thousands of hours of lectures from end to end. Therefore, a combination of both is the fastest and most effective way to prepare in this case.

    Don’t run after many many resources to study from. Instead adapt your strategy based on your strengths and weaknesses.

  4. Solve QBank Daily

    PrepLadder's QBank has a new feature called ‘Flip The Question.’ This allows you to take a versatile approach to question-solving. You can either choose to practice questions in clinical or one-liner format, ensuring you're well-prepared for any question style that the FMG exam decides to throw at you.

    Want to know more about the new QBank? Hear it from our ace faculty Dr. Neha Taneja about the features of FMGE QBank 5.0.

    Here’s another reason to solve QBank daily. Ready and studying will help commit information into your short term memory. As a result, you’re likely to forget what you’re studying after a few days. To avoid this, you must solve QBank after finishing every topic so that you can retain information better.

  5. Should You Look At PYQs?

    Ask any faculty this question and you will hear a resounding YES.

    Do not skip the PYQs. Although the FMGE July 2023 exam didn't feature PYQs, the topics covered in previous years still hold high relevance. PYQs provide insight into how question are presented and are still essential for a comprehensive preparation strategy.

  6. Study Intensity

    Plan to dedicate 10-12 hours a day for focused study. This may entail sitting down for 14 hours to complete proper 10 hours of study. In the end focus on the output instead of the number of hours.

  7. A Well-Structured Timetable

    Create a timetable that accommodates all subjects, with special attention to shorter ones like Psychiatry, Radiology, Orthopedics, Forensic Medicine, Anesthesia, and Dermatology.

  8. Medicine: A Daily Commitment

    Studying Medicine can be a daunting task. Committing to complete the entire subject at one go can be hard because the syllabus can be overwhelming and seem endless.

    To avoid such outcomes why not study a little bit of Medicine everyday alongside the other subjects? This way you will be able to complete the subject without stress.

    Moreover, studying medicine for at least an hour every day amidst your regular routine will keep the subject fresh in your mind.

  9. Everything You Need to Know About Rapid Revision Edge

  10. Make Revision A Top Priority

    After the initial 60 days of intensive study, allocate the remaining two months to comprehensive revisions. Focus on RR and MCQs from Previous Year Topics during this period.

    The more you can revise, the better.

  11. Grand Tests (GTs)

    Conduct GTs strategically. In the initial 2 months, when the syllabus is fresh, give a GT every 20 days. During the revision phase, aim for a GT every 7-10 days and track your progress.

  12. Effective Note-taking

    If you can create your own notes, it will be great for your preparation. But that is not the only way to study successfully.

    If creating your own notes feels overwhelming, consider annotating existing materials. Write concise explanations and highlight key points. This will facilitate quick and efficient last-minute revisions.

In conclusion, the FMGE is no longer the same exam it used to be.

To succeed, you must adapt to the changing landscape, study comprehensively, and employ effective strategies.

Remember, success in any exam is not just about hard work; it's also about smart work. Embrace these strategies, stay committed, and you'll be well on your way to achieving your goal of cracking the FMG exam.

All the best!

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