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Top Reasons Why So Many Students Fail FMGE

Aug 21, 2023

Top Reasons Why So Many Students Fail FMGE

FMG exam stands as a formidable challenge that every foreign medical student must win in order to pursue his dream of practicing medicine in India.

For an aspirant it's much like entering an operating theater, where his skills are tested under a microscope. The pressure builds as the clock keeps ticking, and just like a surgeon meticulously wielding his scalpel, an aspirant also puts his knowledge to the test. 

Then comes the time for the result and as per the past stats only a handful of doctors leave the operation theater victorious. 

In 2020, only 5,419 out of 36,911 qualified FMGE which puts the success rate at a mere 14.68% success rate. The scene didn't change much in 2021, with only 23.83% passing the exam

So, what's causing these talented medical minds to slip on their gloves and fall short of a perfect incision? Join us as we scrub in, peeling back the layers to reveal the top reasons why so many students fail FMGE. 

Let's diagnose together and uncover the prescription for success that every aspiring FMGE aspirant craves.

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FMG Exam Stats

Every year thousands of candidates register for the FMG exam, but very few are able to successfully qualify. The graph below shows the number of candidates who appeared for the FMG exam from 2010-2023. 

The graph below shows the number of candidates who appeared for the FMG exam from 2010-2023. 

Also, following is a table featuring the percentage of candidates qualifying the exam for the past ten years - 

FMGE candidates qualifying the exam Stats
Year Pass Percentage
2013 29.15% - March | 16.65% - September
2014 4.93% - June | 20.00% - December
2015 10.40% - June | 12.20% - December
2016 11.22% - June | 8.08% - December
2017 7.41% - June | 13.89 - December
2018 10.2 % - December
2019 20.7% - June
2020 9.94% - December
2021 23.91% - December
2022 10.61 % - June

It has been observed that the pass percentage for FMGE has typically hovered between 5-15%. However, for a few sessions, it did exceed the average. For instance, March 2013 and December 2021 sessions witnessed the highest pass percentage - 29.15% and 23.91% respectively. 

These past year stats clearly showcase that high pass percentage in the FMGE exam is rather an aberration than a norm. But what is the reason behind these numbers? Let’s explore. 

Reasons of Low Success-Rate for FMG Exam 

Why is it that most foreign medical graduates fail to clear the exam? Here are a few substantial reasons why aspirants are not able to clear their screening test in the first or second attempt. 

Check now FMGE June 2023 result has been released today by the NBE.

Difficulty Index of Exam 

There is no denying the fact that FMG is a formidable exam. With its comprehensive syllabus and high standards, clearing the exam demands in-depth understanding of fundamental medical concepts along with their practical applications. 

Furthermore, over the years FMG exam has become more clinical. This means that examiners are more inclined towards testing the clinical skills and problem-solving skills of candidates. 

Therefore, candidates usually find the difficulty index of FMG to be significantly high due to the vast scope of topics covered, and the exam pattern. Aspirants require thorough preparation, strategic planning, a strong grasp of clinical scenarios to qualify the exam. 

Quality of Education at Foreign Colleges

Majority of foreign medical graduates who appear for the FMG exam are from China, Russia, Ukraine and Bangladesh. We tried to evaluate the pass-percentage of students who graduated from these countries and the findings are showcased in the table below - 

Country-wise FMGE pass-percentage
Country wise break-up of medical students who cleared FMGE
Year Country Number of Candidates Appeared Number of candidates passed
2021 China 13427 2580
2021 Russian Federation 4515 1119
2021 Ukraine 4311 1123

The data in the table above has been compiled from the statistics published by the NBE - National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences. For a detailed country-wise and college-wise break-up of medical students who cleared FMGE in 2021 you can download this PDF. 

It can be observed that of the 13427 graduates from Chinese universities who took FMGE in 2021, only 2580 managed to pass it. Similarly, of the 4515 MBBS graduates from the Russian Federation who took FMGE in 2021 only 1123 were able to clear it.

The data is even more dismal if you look back a couple of years. From 32,139 aspirants who graduated from China and appeared for FMGE between 2012 and 2018, only 4,609 qualified the exam. Similarly, a total of 17,674 graduates from Russia appeared for FMGE in this period but only 2,606 passed it.

The key point is that despite Indian students investing significant amounts of time and money to pursue MBBS from abroad, the educational quality in these countries doesn’t live up to the standard of the Indian medical curriculum. 

Increasing Number of Students opting for MBBS Abroad 

As per the latest data by NMC, there are only approximately 1,01,388 medical seats available in India for MBBS. However, over 20 lakh aspirants are competing for these limited seats.  Alarmingly, half of these medical seats are at private medical colleges that demand substantial fees ranging from 50 lakh to 1 crore. 

As a result, those who are unable to secure a medical seat within India, fail to meet the cutoff for government medical colleges, or cannot afford the steep fees of private institutions opt for medical education abroad. This has led to an increasing number of students pursuing MBBS abroad. 

The increasing competition is yet another factor that contributes to low success rate in FMG exam. 

Challenges Stemming from International Medical Education

While studying MBBS abroad is hyped, it does come with its fair share of challenges for Indian students. For instance, diverse curricula and teaching methods can create gaps in knowledge when aligning with the FMGE syllabus, resulting in exam difficulties. 

Furthermore, language barrier also introduces further complications when it comes to  understanding complex medical concepts. 

In addition to that, exam patterns also vary across countries and hence lead to unfamiliarity with the FMGE's question style. Even the differences in clinical exposure becomes a key factor that interferes with the application of knowledge.

As a result, foreign medical graduates find it difficult to prepare for FMGE. 

Limited Exam Preparation

Limited exam preparation and inadequate preparation time are some other key factors that contribute to the low success rate in the FMG exam. In some cases students might not have adequate guidance or resources to specifically prepare for the FMGE. This lack of tailored preparation can result in poor performance. 

In addition to that, students often find themselves with limited time to prepare for the exam after completing their college/ University exams.

This is where PrepLadder can help. We offer meticulously curated content for FMG preparation. This includes video lectures by India’s top medical faculties, a vast FMGE QBank featuring clinical questions as per the latest exam pattern, test series, treasures and much more. All these resources are especially tailored for FMGE exam preparation and have helped several students qualify the exam. 

While there are a lot of challenges for foreign medical graduates to practice medicine in India, there’s nothing that can’t be achieved with hard work and dedication. We encourage you to explore our preparation resources and wish you all the best in this endeavor.

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