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Things to do Correctly for FMGE 2nd Attempt

Sep 08, 2023

Things to do Correctly for FMGE 2nd Attempt

FMGE exam results for the June 2023 session were announced recently. With a 10.6% success rate, only a fraction of the 23,279 hopeful aspirants managed to secure their coveted FMGE qualification. 

If you find yourself among the 21,180 determined individuals who couldn't make the cut, fear not – this article is your guiding light. 

In this blog, we're diving deep into the essentials of getting it right on your FMGE 2nd attempt. 

It's time to rewrite your success story. Read further to find out how.

Tips to Prepare for a successful second attempt

When gearing up for a second shot at the FMG exam, it's crucial to understand what you can do better. Here are some tips that will help you figure out what you must do correctly second time around - 


Insights from the past are valuable for the future. 

Make sure to reflect on your previous exam preparation journey, scrutinize your scores and dissect your exam experience. Try to identify the challenges you faced, any recurring difficulties you couldn’t overcome, doubts you had and even the moments of uncertainty. This will help you understand the areas of improvement better. 

Retrospect and identify your weaknesses. Whether it's subject-specific struggles, time management issues, or exam anxiety, recognizing these areas for improvement is vital. 

Once identified, commit yourself to making necessary adjustments and overcoming these weaknesses. Adopting a smarter study approach that is specifically tailored to your strengths and weaknesses will ensure success in your second FMGE attempt.

Work on Time Management

One of the most important things that you must do correctly for FMGE second attempt is learning to manage your time better. Effective time management can be the linchpin that transforms your FMGE preparation

Begin by allocating time wisely and making sure that you stay on track. Create a daily plan with broad weekly and monthly targets and allot specific time slots for each subject. You must invest more time in your weak subjects so that you can channel your efforts where they are most needed.

On the same lines, create a separate timeline dedicated to revision and mock tests. Most importantly, commit to adhering to this plan religiously. 

Employ Smart Study Techniques

As you prepare for your second FMGE attempt, it's essential to opt for smarter ways of preparing for the exam. You can learn ways to solve MCQs quickly and accurately, using the knowledge you already have. 

Also, try different shortcuts that help solve complex clinical questions more efficiently. PrepLadder’s active guidance feature is one tool that can help you with that. Active guidance feature highlights the keyphrases in the clinical stem that will help you reach the correct answer.

Using active guidance while practicing MCQs will make it easier for you to handle difficult questions. But you will need to practice until they become automatic. The goal is not only to save time during the exam but also to improve your accuracy and confidence in dealing with FMG challenging questions.

Focus on PYQs 

Unquestionably, previous year questions are a critical part of a winning preparation strategy. You must invest significant time in going through the previous year question papers and identifying high-yield topics that have been asked repeatedly by the examiners. 

Begin by meticulously going through the PYQs available on the PrepLadder app. Make sure to pay close attention to topics and concepts that have at least twice in the past exams. Make it a priority to thoroughly understand and practice these topics, as they will most likely ask questions from these topics again.

Incorporating PYQs into your preparation strategy will help you become familiar with the exam's structure and will also sharpen your problem-solving skills. By focusing on these questions you'll be better equipped to tackle the challenges of the FMG exam and increase your chances of achieving a winning score.

Multiple Revisions

Most often, aspirants end up investing the majority of their preparation time in trying to cover the entire exam syllabus. This leaves them with little to no time for revising and consolidating what they’ve already learned.

If you too have made that mistake during your first attempt, make sure to do it correctly this time around. Remember that multiple revisions are your secret weapon. Your first reading will lay the foundation, but it's the subsequent revisions that will actually cement the information in your memory. 

So, allocate dedicated time for revisiting what you've covered. Strive for at least 2-3 revisions before the exam. Each revision will make you more confident in your knowledge and problem-solving abilities. 

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure to clear all your doubts, no matter how big or small, before the exam. Do not hesitate to approach the faculty or your friends, to ask questions and clear your doubts. This will improve your confidence significantly and help you crack the exam with a good score.

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