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How to Make a Realistic Study Plan for FMGE 2018

Feb 24, 2017


Failing to Plan is equivalent to Planning to Fail” – This famous quote is indeed true in this era. FMGE is accompanied by intense degree of difficulty and it is almost impossible to qualify the tough FMGE exam without proper planning. We usually frame plans, however, many times we fail to follow them and sometimes the plans are quite unrealistic. In this blog, we will discuss the strategy as to how to make a Realistic Study Plan for the upcoming FMGE exam preparation.

Benefits of a Study Plan

Let us first discuss the benefits of designing a Study Plan for the upcoming FMGE exam preparation:
  • Ensures Systematic & Organized Preparation
  • Helps to combat Exam Stress and Pressure
  • Ensures that the Syllabus is completed well within time
  • Ensures Enough Time for Revision
  • Helps to Keep Track of Overall Preparation
  • Helps avoid last minute chaos and stress
  • Facilitates Preparation at your Pace
  • Facilitates Improvement
  • Boosts Confidence and keeps the spirit alive
After framing a plan by keeping the above points into consideration, frame a list of what, when and how much time you will study each day.

Tips to Make A Realistic Study Plan for FMGE

1. Time Perspective

Time is the most important aspect in the process of designing a study plan. A Study Plan has to be designed as per the time remaining for the exam. In case you have 4-5 months or more at hand, your study plan will be then centred on completing the first round of preparation as quick as possible and utilizing the remaining time for Revision & Practice. On the other hand, if you have 9-10 months at hand, then you will adequate time for Preparation, Revision and Practice. Therefore, ‘Time’ is the most important aspect considering which a Study Plan should be built.

2. Current Preparation Status

Another Most Important factor while designing a study plan is ‘Current Preparation Status’. Plan has to be designed keeping your current preparation status in mind. Take the instance of a case you have completed 50% of the syllabus. In this case, study plan should be built dedicating more time to Revision & Practice. On the other hand, if you have to start preparation from scratch, then concept clearing and first round of preparation will consume a lot of time and therefore you need to start preparation early in this case.

3. Preference Order of Subjects

Not considering your ‘Easy’ or ‘Difficult’ subjects, your focus should be to first complete the Bigger subjects and leave the shorter ones for the later stage. Completing the bigger subjects earlier in the preparation will boost your confidence and keep your spirit alive.

4. Effective Distribution of Time

The correct strategy for preparation should be to distribute time effectively between the different activities. Through this we mean that you should divide time effectively between preparation, practice and revision. For Instance: A plan can involve dedicating 7-8 hours to preparation, 2-3 hours to practice and 1-2 hours to Revision each day.

5. Revision & Mock Test Practice

While designing a ‘Study Plan’, it is important to ensure that enough time is dedicated to ‘Revision & Mock Test Practice”. Revision & Mock Test Practice are vital components of preparation that facilitate Performance Improvement, learning Time Management skills, strengthening your weak areas and keeping track of your preparation.

6. Customized Improvement Plan?

It is obvious that any single study plan cannot fit the requirements of every individual. This is because every individual has different pace of learning and grabbing abilities. Therefore, a ‘Customized Study Plan’ serves the best to extract the maximum output from the limited time span. Also Read our blogs for FMGE Preparation :
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