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Last One Month Revision Plan for FMGE December 2017

Nov 21, 2017

PrepLadder has already shared 45 days revision plan with you but those who were not able to take the most out of it can follow our last 30 days revision plan.   This post will familiarize you with the tips & strategies how to effectively utilize the final 30 days for FMGE preparation.

One Month Revision Plan for FMGE

1.Prepare a Revision Timetable

You need to devise a Revision Time Table in order to ensure that all subjects are covered in Revision Plan.  This will facilitate that no subject or topic is skipped and the revision is completed in time. This will help you in knowing what to revise and how much time to devote to each revision of each subject and practice. For the benefit of our students, our experts have prepared a Sample Revision Timetable which will help you in making your Revision more effective.
Anatomy 2
Physiology 2
Biochemistry 2
Pharmacology 2
Pathology 2
Microbiology 2
Forensic Medicine 1
Opthamology 1
Medicine 3
Surgery 3
Pediatrics 2
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2
Anaesthesia & Radiology 1
Skin & Psychiatry 1
Orthopedics 1
The above revision plan is a sample revision plan prepared by experts, you can adjust the number of days according to your strong and weak subjects.

2.Refer to your Notes & Study Material used

Refer to the books, notes and study material used at the time of preparation. Just make sure that you do not refer to any new books or study material at the last moment as it will only confuse you.

3.Go through all the important Topics

Make sure you don’t skip important topics. Thoroughly revise all the important concepts and key points at least twice in the remaining 30 days. Also Read : FMGE December 2017: Syllabus and Marks Distribution

4.Use Summary Notes or Sticky Notes

Use sticky notes for remembering all the important keywords and points. For the long-term retention, place the sticky notes at some place where you can go through them regularly.

5.Adequate Practice

Adequate practice is the key to success in FMGE.   Revision does not mean mugging up or reading. Rather, test your preparation by attempting Practice Tests and solving Previous Year papers. Make sure you review your performance after every Mock Test and work on your mistakes. This will provide you a reality check of your preparation level.

6.Polish you Strong areas

Every individual has different strong and weak areas. Your focus should be on polishing your strong areas. Strive to use your strong areas to your maximum advantage. Revise your strong topics rather than taking up new topics at this time.

7.Take Short Breaks between the Study Hours

Sitting in the same position for long hours will make you feel tired and burdened. So, in order to avoid boredom, take short breaks while studying.

8.Clear all your doubts

It is very important to clear all your doubts. You can take the help of your friends, teachers, mentors etc. You can discuss your doubts with a group of friends. You can also take help of Online sources for clearing your doubts.

9.Take Proper Diet and Sleep

Take ample amount of green vegetables, raw salads, fruits. Avoid taking junk food since it will induce sleep and weaken confidence. Take adequate sleep as it will help in maintaining concentration levels keep you active and vibrant. Also Read : How to Overcome Exam Anxiety for FMGE 

10.Find time for Physical Exercise

It is very important to find some time for physical activity between your intense study schedule. Even going for a small 30-minute jog after a day of revision will reduce your stress and will make you will feel fresh.

Begin Now

You have to make a start at some point and doing it sooner rather than later is a good idea. Try to stick to our draft revision schedule and start revising in the morning for better success. Stay focused and have faith in yourself and prepare with determination, you will surely be able to succeed. Remember, “There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs” For more updates…. Stay tuned with PrepLadder!!
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