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Jan 18, 2018

FMGE 2018 Packs - Empowering Students to Achieve Their Goal. We’re launching FMGE packs with the Best Faculty, a New App and a New Website in 2018. Our only goal in 2018 is to help you achieve yours.

The New Content

We’ve partnered with the best faculty from across the nation to create error free and high yield content for our 2018 Question Bank, Test Series and Video Lectures.

The Gurus

Our faculty have created high yield MCQ and Video lectures to make sure you get the best output from every minute spent on PrepLadder app. All your doubts, confusions and controversies will be solved within 24 hrs by the same faculty. {module[244]}

The Mentorship Program

You will be assigned a mentor by PrepLadder, an ex PrepLadder student who cleared the previous FMGE exam. You can turn to them anytime for unbiased advice and tips on how they managed to clear the exam.

The Counseling Program

You will be assigned a counselor from PrepLadder. Your counselor will make sure you hit your preparation milestones and will help you get your preparation back on track when you feel demotivated.

The New PrepLadder App

Our developers and designers have made sure that the app is easy to use and gives you a personalized learning experience.

The Evolution

PrepLadder as a platform will be ever evolving. New questions and videos from recent exams will be launched. Daily concepts and images will be added. More helpful features will be launched. Anything we can do to make sure you give your best in your final exam attempt.

The Packages

Both PrepLadder packs have been created and structured by top faculty for maximum yield.

MCQ Pack: Question Bank + Test Series

Questions Bank: A high yield Q Bank for practicing MCQs of every topic as you study.

Test Series: A perfectly spaced FMGE test series to create realistic study milestones for you.

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Video Pack: High Yeild Video Lectures + MCQ Bank + Test Series.

Videos Lectures: Videos that cover all important topics for FMGE, but don’t overburden you with content. *Question Bank and Test Series included

What is the schedule of test series and video lectures?

Click here to see the complete MCQ and Video pack schedule. Tests and Video lectures will be spaced to create a perfect study plan for you. Have a Query? Read Frequently Asked Questions Also Read: Preparing for FMG Exam : Memory Hacks to Remember All 19 Subjects

How to Register?

Registrations are now open for MCQ Pack and Video Pack. Let’s start this journey together, we’ll work hard along with you to clear FMGE. Best wishes from Team PrepLadder
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