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‘Study Hard in a Smart Way’ to Clear FMGE

Feb 13, 2017

Qualifying the FMGE exam is no mean feat. With more and more candidates graduating from foreign nations and quality of medical professionals produced deteriorating consistently, the difficulty level of the FMGE exam has substantially increased over the years. This is done with a view to ensure that the Medical professionals produced possess the adequate clinical knowledge and skills. Candidates usually find it difficult to qualify the FMGE exam and candidates keep stating that the exam has attained PG level. This blog will familiarize you with the correct approach to prepare for FMGE.

Clearing FMGE – ‘Hard Work’ or ‘Smart Work’

Candidates usually go through a state of confusion as to what is the correct approach and strategy for FMGE preparation – ‘Hard Work’ or ‘Smart Work’. With the FMGE exam becoming extremely difficult year by year, a combination of ‘Hard Work’ and ‘Smart Work’ is the best strategy to conquer the tough ‘FMGE’ exam. ‘Studying Hard in a Smart Way’ is the best strategy and the following Tips will throw light on ‘How to Work Hard in a Smart Way’.

I. Prepare the ‘List of Important Topics’ and ‘Study Only Those Topics’ -

Remember that you will not retain the entire book. Therefore, the best strategy is to ‘Prepare a list of the Important Topics’ from FMGE perspective and dedicate time only to preparing them. For figuring out the important topics, go through the previous year papers of FMGE. Going through these papers will help you in figuring out the important topics from FMGE perspective. After preparing the list of Important Topics, start preparing them. Also Read: Important topics for FMGE preparation.

II. Clear your Fundamentals -

It is of utmost importance to attain a grip over your fundamentals and basics. Merely memorizing the information will not help. Therefore, focus on clarifying your concepts prior to practicing MCQs and problems.

III. Follow Standard Text Books for Preparation and Concept Clearance -

Many candidates commit the blunder of relying solely on MCQ books for preparation. Do not rely only on the information given in the MCQ books for preparation. Your strategy should be to prepare each subject thoroughly from the standard textbooks of graduation and then practice MCQs from MCQ book for each subject.

IV. Practice MCQs Regularly -

Only studying the Theoretical part and not practicing MCQs can be another loophole which can result in your failure. It is important to practice MCQs regularly throughout the preparation. Make it a point to practice MCQs of each topic after studying the theoretical part of the topic.

V. Adequate Revision -

Revision plays a vital role in the entire preparation. At least 2 to 3 rounds of revision are essential to attain longer retention. Therefore, make sure that you dedicate enough time to Revision. Also, make sure to recall all the important points, concepts and diagrams during Revision.

VI. Solve Previous Year Papers of FMGE -

Solving previous year papers is an activity which must not be omitted. Make it a point to go through previous year papers of FMGE after completing the syllabus theoretically. This will familiarize you with the type of questions anticipated in the exam as well as also acquaint you with new questions. Study the Previous papers with explanations to ensure longer retention.

VII. Attempt Online Mock Tests Regularly -

Pen and paper mode of preparation is not solely reliable nowadays with the exam being conducted in the online mode. It is vital to develop familiarity with the Online Platform since various factors such as Time Management, Speed and Accuracy can only be enhanced through the Online Mode of Preparation. Many candidates fail to clear FMGE owing to a lack of familiarity with the online platform due to which they fail at Time Management during the exam. Therefore, it is vital to attempt Mock Tests regularly through the preparation. Attempting Mock Tests helps you to enhance your Time Management skills, speed and accuracy as well as also helps to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, based on the analysis after each Mock Test, you can work on your weak areas and this in turn helps to enhance your performance. We hope that this blog will familiarize you with the correct approach to prepare for FMGE. Also Read our blogs for FMGE Preparation :
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