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Study Tips to Make Sure You Crack FMGE

Feb 20, 2017

Studying for FMGE is not always an easy task. Most of the candidates find studying for FMGE as one of the most herculean tasks since the syllabus is very vast and the difficulty level is very high. The Difficulty level of the exam has substantially increased over the years and now a smarter strategy is needed to qualify the FMGE. This blog will familiarize you with the Top 10 Study Tips to ensure that you qualify FMGE.

Top 10 Study Tips to Qualify FMGE

Here is the list of the Top 10 Study Tips to qualify FMGE

I. Introspect and Set Goals

Introspecting and Setting Realistic Goals are highly vital in order to keep your preparation on track. Think about your end goals and how you want to progress ahead in life. Finalizing your end Goals helps to take positive steps into that direction.

I. Prepare a Check List of the Most Important Topics to be Covered

A major blunder which majority of candidates commit is that they focus on completing the entire syllabus. Remember, you are not required to do PG in the 19 subjects. Therefore, you must prepare the list of the Most Important Topics to be covered through the preparation. For preparing the list of the Most Important Topics, go through the previous year papers of FMGE and list down the topics from which questions have frequently appeared. Thereafter, start your preparation. Also Read: Important topics for FMGE preparation.

III. Frame an Effective Study Schedule

Time is priceless. Yet, majority of the candidates fail at judicious utilization of time and take a nosedive. Framing a Study Schedule is vital since it helps you to keep track of your preparation and maintain a routine in studies. It facilitates completion of syllabus in time and helps to distribute time to the different topics. Nonetheless, the idea may not work for some since different methods work for different individuals. Utilize the method which works the best for you.  Also Read: Sample study plan for FMGE preparation

IV. Keep a Routine Track of your Preparation

For keeping your preparation on track, it is vital to maintain a list of the items which need to be covered in a day and keep on marking items on the list as you finish each one. Perform this activity every day. Performing this activity on daily basis will fill you with a sense of confidence and pride on seeing the ever diminishing list of items. This activity really works if implemented properly.

V. Rely on Standard Textbooks for Theoretical Preparation

Candidates often commit the mistake of using MCQ books for preparing the theoretical part. On the other hand, the correct strategy should be to utilize the standard graduation textbooks for preparing the Theoretical part. This is because conceptual clarity can only be attained through the standard books. Therefore, rely only on the standard textbooks for theoretical preparation.

VI. Routine Practice

Preparing only the theoretical portion and aiming of qualifying the FMGE – this strategy cannot work in this era. Practicing the MCQs regularly is a vital part of preparation. Practice MCQs routinely through the preparation since this activity will help you learn how to implement theoretical knowledge to practical situations.

VII. Do not Doubt Yourself

Losing self-belief is something which needs to be avoided through the preparation. There will be lots of ups and downs over the course of the preparation and at times, there will be bouts of absolute hopelessness. However, you must not lose self-confidence even in the worst situations. Perseverance and self-belief will help you sail through.

VIII. Enroll in Online Test Series

Relying on solely pen and paper mode of preparation cannot work in this extremely difficult exam. Time, Speed and Accuracy are factors which only come into play in the Online Mode of preparation. Practicing on the Online Platform helps you to enhance Time Management and Accuracy with subsequent attempts. Further, reviewing the Exam Analysis after each attempt will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and the areas where improvement is required. Therefore, attempt mock tests frequently through the preparation to enhance your overall performance.

IX. Solve Previous Year Papers

Solving previous year papers is imperative since it familiarizes you with new questions and acquaints you with the type of questions anticipated in the exam. Therefore, after completing your syllabus, make sure to study previous year papers with explanations.

X. Take Short Breaks and Rejuvenate

Over-stressing yourself cannot work. Take short breaks in between the long study hours to rejuvenate. Eating high energy food or take a nap or do whatever you think can re-vitalize the mind.  We are sure that implementing these 10 Tips will definitely help you to qualify the upcoming FMGE exam. Also Read our blogs for FMGE Preparation :
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