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The Secret Path To Success In FMGE

Feb 07, 2017

About FMGE

FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Screening Exam) is a national level exam conducted by National Board of Examinations (NBE) twice in a year in the month of June and December.

FMGE is a licensure exam conducted for candidates who are Citizens of India/ Overseas Citizen of India who possess Medical Degree awarded by a Foreign College or University and are desirous of getting Provisional or Permanent registration with the Medical Council of India (MCI). 

Don’t know what, where and how to prepare

Candidates usually are thoroughly and utterly confused when it comes to the prepration for FMGE. This is the major case that happens with most of the candidates appearing for the examination. They don’t know what to prepare, where to prepare and how to prepare.

The Secret

1. Study what’s important

There are more than 700 topics taught during the graduation from which only 200-300 questions are asked in the entrance examination. That basically means more than 50% topics are not even mentioned in the exam. Go for the selective topics filtered from the previous exam papers and mock tests. You can Download the list of important topics for FMGE here.

2. Preparation steps

There are a few steps that are useful for preparation of the exam. These steps are mentioned below:
  1. First step is learning and covering the syllabus. Do MCQ's first, then theory, then MCQ's again.
  2. Revision will help you restore the topics and prepare you. Start revision 2 months before the exam. Stop studying new things during this time.
  3. This is an important step which will help you buckle up and be ready for the examination. Last 20 days should be only vigorous practice, on an online test series preferably since the tests are online.
Also Read: How to make effective study plan for FMGE. These three steps are mandatory. Even if a single step is missed, failure may knock your door.

3. Never sacrifice your sleep, health and free time 

There is a myth that if you have to clear a exam, then you must sacrifice your sleep. No, there is no need of cutting yourself off from the world as you can prepare and balance a social life. But this does not mean that you become lenient. It's always better to surround yourself with other students preparing for the same exam. Make this social group a constructive one.

4. Never Lose Hope

Candidates should never lose hope at any point of time because negativity or demoralisation will consume you and never let you win. So, always be happy and hopeful to crack the FMGE. These were the secrets to success which will give you an idea of how to prepare for FMGE. Best Wishes!! Also Read our blogs for FMGE Preparation :
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