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Most IMP FMT PYQs for FMGE July ‘23

Jul 18, 2023

Most IMP FMT PYQs for FMGE July ‘23

Did you know that a thorough revision of the PYQs alone can help you reach 150+ in the FMGE? 

It is true. While PYQs are essential to prepare for any exam, they are critical while preparing for the FMGE. 

This is because PYQs are extensively asked in the FMG exam. Covering all the PYQs from the past 5 years can help you cover almost 50% of the entire syllabus. 

Moreover, PYQs offer valuable insights into the exam pattern, question style and frequently asked topics. 

Once you identify the recurring themes and topics, you can easily solve similar questions in the FMGE exam. This is because the topics remain the same. Only the perspective of asking the question changes. 

In this blog, we shall go through the most important 5-year PYQs for Forensic Medicine and Toxicology for your FMGE preparation

Let’s begin. 


A man brought by his wife, as he calls other women, and achieves sexual gratification by talking obscenity and sharing obscene pictures. What does the patient most likely have? 


Answer: Scatologia 


A patient was brought to the casualty with greenish colour skin and a rotten egg odour. The most probable poisoning could be: 

Carbon monoxideNitrite
CyanideHydrogen sulphide

Answer: Hydrogen sulphide


During the autopsy, the doctor tied the bronchus and immersed the lung in water to check whether it floated or sank. This test is identified as: 

Gettler’s testPloucquet’s test
Hydrostatic testDiatom’s test

Answer: Hydrostatic test.


Identify the type of abuse shown in the image below: 


Answer: Bagging.


A man was found to be lying dead on the ground. His friend saw a snake passing in the area and took a picture of it, and showed it to the doctor (image below). What is the most probable cause of death of the man?

Respiratory failure snake
ShockRespiratory failure
CoagulopathyRenal failure

Answer: Respiratory failure. 


A 14-year-old girl was kidnapped by a male. The police arrested him but he died in police custody. The inquest is conducted by:

Medical examinerJudicial magistrate

Answer: Judicial Magistrate. 


A dead body as found with a wound on the neck, with clean-cut edges, crushed tissues, along disruption of the vertebral bones. Identify the type of wound. 

Incised woundChop wound
Lacerated woundAvulsion

Answer: Chop wound. 


When a victim of an unlawful act was dying, the police recorded the dying declaration. The doctor certifies that the victim was conscious and mentally oriented. The dying declaration will be considered invalid if?

It is not done by the doctor.The victim is not dead. 
Declarant is not expecting death. The victim didn’t sign the declaration.

Answer: The victim is not dead. 

PYQ 9 

Identify the fingerprint pattern shown in the image. 

Arch fingerprint pattern
Loop. Arch.

Answer: Arch. 

PYQ 10

An 18-year-old female was sexually assaulted by a 20-year-old male. Barbero’s test was performed on the stains and showed yellow needle-shaped rhombic crystals. Which of the following is detected by this test?

Spermine.Acid phosphatase. 
Choline. Fructose. 

Answer: Spermine.

PYQ 11

A female faked pregnancy and still presents a child later to blackmail a man. What is this child called as?

Supposititious child. Superfecundation.
Posthumous child. Superfetation. 

Answer: Supposititious child. 

PYQ 12

A female after 4 years of marriage died and there was a suicide note mentioning that she was tortured for dowry. In this case, the inquest will be done by the - 

Police.Village headman.
Judge. Magistrate. 

Answer: Magistrate. 

PYQ 13

A gunshot case brought for autopsy shown an entry wound with inverted margins, surrounded by tattooing, but blackening and singeing of hairs is not noted. What is the most possible range of firing? 

Contact shot. Near shot. 
Close shot. Distant shot. 

Answer: Near shot. 

PYQ 14

Which IPC section is related to medical negligence?

Sec 301Sec 304 B
Sec 304 ASec 302

Answer: Sec 304 A.

PYQ 15

A case of a road traffic accident which occurred 20 mins ago was brought for autopsy. Post-mortem examination reveals stiff neck, upper limbs, and lower limbs and primary relaxation is absent. What is this suggestive of?

Rigor mortis.Heat stiffness. 
Cadaveric spasm. Cold stiffness. 

Answer:  Cadaveric spasm. 

PYQ 16

A dead fetus was found in a water canal. The crown heel length was found to be 25 cm. What is the approximate age of the fetus?

6 months. 5 months. 
4 months. 3 months. 

Answer: 5 months. 

PYQ 17

Which of the following bones is most accurate for sex determination?

Skull. Pelvis. 
Long bones. Sternum. 

Answer: Pelvis. 

PYQ 18

A person was found dead in the bushes with his hands tied. On examination of the body, there was cyanosis petechial haemorrhages, abrasions, and bruises around the mouth and lips. There was associated facial congestion and edema. What is the least likely cause? 

Smothering. Homicide. 

Answer: Smothering. 

PYQ 19

Identify the active toxin extracted from the poisonous plant in the image below.

1-hyoscyamine extracted from the poisonous plant
Calotropis. Digitalis. 

Answer: 1-hyoscyamine. 

PYQ 20

A 30-year-old apparently healthy man who was carrying laxatives and enema apparatus developed abdominal pain at the airport and an x-ray was done which appears as shown below. Which of the following is the likely diagnosis? 

Body packer syndrome
Bezoar syndrome. Pica due to anaemia. 
Body packer syndrome. Constipation due to fecolith. 

Answer: Body packer syndrome. 

PYQ 21

In judicial hanging, the cause of death is due to - 

Vagal inhibition.Cervical vertebral fracture dislocation. 
Cerebral hypoxia. Asphyxia. 

Answer: Cervical vertebral fracture dislocation.

PYQ 22

A child after eating an unknown fruit, has been brought to your emergency department with the following signs and symptoms - dry mouth, irrelevant slurred speech, dry and hot skin, dilated pupils. On examination, there was tachycardia and hyperthermia. What is the most probable diagnosis?

Poppy seeds poisoning. Datura poisoning. 
Mushroom poisoning. Cannabis poisoning. 

Answer: Datura poisoning. 

PYQ 23

A man was found dead due to starvation. Which of the following findings will be seen on autopsy?

Distended gall bladder. Enlarged liver. 
Expanded lungs. Hypertrophied heart. 

Answer: Distended gall bladder.

PYQ 24

Cherry red post-mortem lividity is seen in:

Opioid poisoning.  Carbon monoxide poisoning.
Hydrogen sulphide poisoning. Phosphorous poisoning. 

Answer: Carbon monoxide poisoning.

PYQ 25

In Barberio’s test, yellow needle-shaped rhombic crystals are seen under microscope. Which of the following is detected by this test?

Semen. Blood. 
Sputum. CSF. 

Answer: Semen. 

PYQ 26

A person who has committed a criminal offense was caught by the police and later brought to a criminal court. The court directs the police to transfer the case to juvenile courts if it is proved that the accused is _ years old. 

A . 21B. 17.
C. 20. D. 24.

Answer: 17. 

PYQ 27

A child accidentally took a bottle full of iron tablets. Which drug is used as antidote for poisoning? 

Deferiperone. DMSA.

Answer: Deferoxamine. 

PYQ 28

Gutter fracture of skull bone is associated with impact due to - 

A sharp object.A blunt object. 
Fall from height.A bullet. 

Answer: A bullet. 

PYQ 29

A 19-year-old female patient presented to emergency unconscious. A non-contrast CT revealed hydrocephalus, requiring urgent neurosurgical intervention. The patient had nobody accompanying or any identity proof. What should the doctor do?

Do not operate without consent. Wait for arrival of relatives. 
Operate without consent. Take consent by calling the relatives. 

Answer: Operate without consent. 

PYQ 30

A 40-year-old patient was brought by the police in an unconscious state to the casualty with history of unknown poisoning. On examination, the patient had needle track marks over upper limbs. Patient had increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and hyperthermia. Which poisoning should be suspected here?

Heroine. Cocaine. 
Cannabis. LSD. 

Answer: Cocaine. 

While this blog only covers the Most important FMT PYQs, we've also crafted an extensive post encompassing previous year FMGE question papers for the past three exams. PDFs of FMGE Previous Year Question papers are also available to help you strengthen your exam readiness.

PYQ 31

In which type of hanging does weight of the head acts as a constricting force?

Complete. Partial. 
Typical. Atypical. 

Answer: Partial. 

PYQ 32

Which of the following options describes the symptoms seen classically in a patient bitten by the snake shown in the image below?

Body packer syndrome
Non-poisonous, dry bite.Severe edema, necrosis and bleeding. 
Severe muscle necrosis, rhabdomyolysis. Neurotoxicity and muscle paralysis. 

Answer:  Neurotoxicity and muscle paralysis. 

PYQ 33

A patient was referred by a doctor to a radiologist for a CT scan, and the doctor was given money for the referral. What is this unethical act called? 

DichotomyMedical maloccurence
Criminal negligenceCommission

Answer: Dichotomy

PYQ 34 

A 24-year-old man presents with an excessive desire for sexual intercourse. What is this called?


Answer: Satyriasis.

PYQ 35

In a case of drowning, the following finding is seen at autopsy. What is it called?

Cadaveric spasm
Cadaveric spasm.Cutis anserina.
Rigor mortis. Washerwoman’s hands. 

Answer: Cadaveric spasm. 

PYQ 36

Identify the odor produced by the change seen in the image below. 

Odorless. Pungent. 
Putrid. Offensive. 

Answer: Odorless. 

PYQ 37

Identify the test shown in the image below for blood stain. 

Teichmann test blood stain
Barberic test.Florence test. 
Takayama test. Teichmann test.

Answer: Teichmann test.

PYQ 38

Which of the following is an abnormal method used for criminal abortion?

Dilatation and curettage.Mefipristone. 
Abortion stick. Vacuum aspiration. 

Answer: Abortion stick. 

PYQ 39

A lucid interval is classically associated with which of the following? 

Subdural haemorrhageParenchymal haemorrhage.
Extradural haemorrhage. Subarachnoid haemorrhage.

Answer: Extradural haemorrhage. 

PYQ 40

What is the upper limit of medical termination of pregnancyccording to MTP act of 1971? 

28 weeks. 22 weeks. 
24 weeks. 16 weeks. 

Answer: 24 weeks. 

PYQ 41

A young teenage boy presents to the emergency with a history of some drug abuse at a part a couple of hours ago. Some of the symptoms were diaphoresis, headache, anxiety and hyperactivity. On examination, there was tachycardia and hypertension. Which of the following substances might he have taken?

Alcohol Cocaine.
Opiod. Cannabis. 

Answer: Cocaine. 

PYQ 42

Which of the following diagnosis give the hematological picture as given below?

hematological Saturnism
Minamata disease.Saturnism. 
Chronic iron toxicity. Arsenic poisoning. 

Answer: Saturnism. 

PYQ 43

A 23-year-old farm worker from a remote village is brought to the hospital 8 hours later following a snake bit at 5 in the morning. The patient complained of headache, blurred vision, tingling sensation around the mouth, dizziness, and vertigo and had multiple episodes of vomiting since the bite. He has signs of respiratory depression and bradycardia (HR<50). The local wound showed mild swelling and blistering. There are no apparent bleeding manifestations. He was administered 10 vials of antivenom. Which of the following is the subsequent step of management? 

Check the blood coagulation profile.Neostigmine with atropine. 
Epinephrine injection. I.V hydrocortisone. 

Answer: Neostigmine with atropine.

PYQ 44

A man regularly derives sexual gratification by inflicting pain upon his partner. He would often produce cuts and cigarette burns on his partner’s arms. This is best described as?

Voyeurism. Fetishism. 
Sadism. Masochism. 

Answer: Sadism. 

PYQ 45

As per the medical termination of pregnancy (amendment) Bill, 2020, induction of MTP in a mentally ill, rape victim is allowed until what age of gestation?

20 weeks.22 weeks.
24 weeks. 28 weeks. 

Answer: 24 weeks. 

PYQ 46

You are working as an internal medicine consultant at a private clinic. A patient with chronic renal disease requiring hemodialysis is admitted under you. You advise diet and fluid control and keep him under observation. However, the patient progresses to take ayurvedic supplements and sometimes skips your instructions without disclosing it. His conditions worsen and he develops difficulty in breathing. His attendant files a complaint in court alleging the negligence of the doctor. Which of the following acts as a defence for the doctor in court?

Vicarious liabilityRes ipsa loquitur
Therapeutic misadventureContributory negligence. 

Answer: Contributory negligence. 

PYQ 47

During the examination of a victim of assault, you notice a wound with ragged, irregular, and uneven margins with tears diverging at an angle from the end of the main wound and typical ‘swallow tails.’ Bleeding from this wound is not significant and shows crushed blood vessels and hair bulbs. You would document this wound as a/an:

Incised wound. Chopped wound. 
Stab wound. Lacerated wound. 

Answer: Lacerated wound. 

PYQ 48

Which of the following does not apply during cross examination in a court of law?

Witness is examined by the defense lawyer. Leading questions are not allowed. 
Objective of cross-examination is to weaken case of opponent. There is no time limit to cross examination.  

 Answer: Leading questions are not allowed. 

PYQ 49 

Which of the following tests is used to differentiate human blood from the blood of other species?

Teichman test. Preciptin test. 
Barberio test.Takayama test.

Answer: Preciptin test.

PYQ 50

Which of the following features aids in the differentiation of a true bruise from an artificial bruise?

Positive chemical tests. Progression of the color of bruise over time. 
Regular and well-defined margins. Presence of vesicles. 

Answer: Progression of the color of bruise over time.

PYQ 51

A 29-year-old male is brought to the emergency. On examination, his PR is 50 bpm, BP is 80/60 mmHg, RR is 7 breaths/min and his temperature is 95 F. He has pin point pupils and is disoriented. What is the most probable diagnosis?

Benzodiazepine overdose. Cocaine intoxication. 
Opioid withdrawal.Opioid intoxication. 

Answer: Opioid intoxication.

PYQ 52

Which of the following tests cannot be used to detect blood stains?

Barberio’s test. Takayama’s test. 
Teichman’s test. Spectroscopy. 

Answer: Barberio’s test.

PYQ 53

Inquest in a case of custodial death is handled by:

Police inspector. Jail superintendent. 
Superintendent of police. Executive magistrate. 

Answer: Executive magistrate. 

PYQ 54

Identify the type of homicide caused by smothering and traumatic asphyxia.

Burking. Bansdola.

Answer: Burking.

PYQ 55

According to the law, nothing is an offence if a person is of an unsound mind and is not able to understand that the nature and consequences of his/her act are wrong. Which rule of insanity applies in this case? 

Durham’s rule.Mc Naughter’s rule. 
Curren’s rule. Irresistible impulse rule.

Answer: Mc Naughter’s rule. 

PYQ 56

Post-mortem examination of a dead body reveals contraction of the hands with absent primary relaxation. What is this suggestive of? 

Rigor mortis. Livor mortis. 
Cadaveric spasm. Algor mortis.  

Answer: Cadaveric spasm. 

PYQ 57

Study of death in all aspects is known as: 

Thanatology. Forensic anthropology. 
Toxicology. Molecular death. 

Answer: Thanatology. 

PYQ 58 

Following the recovery of a beheaded skull bone by the police, the relatives of a missing person want to cofirm his identity. Which of the following techniques can beused to be figure out a person’s identity using the beheaded skull bone and photograph of the person?

Superimposition. Anthropometry.
DNA fingerprinting. Cheiloscopy.

Answer: Superimposition.

PYQ 59

In which poisoning is cherry red hypostasis seen on postmortem examination? 

CO Poisoning.Hydrogen sulphide.
Yellow phosphorus. Hydrogen cyanide.

Answer: CO Poisoning.

PYQ 60

A public witness of the incident is asked to attend the court and record his evidence. Which type of evidence is provided by the witness to the court? 

Oral evidence. Hearsay evidence.
Subpoena  Circumstantial evidence. 

Answer: Oral evidence. 

PYQ 61

Which of the following is not a feature of the stage of excitement in acute cocaine poisoning? 

Feeling of well-being.Coacaine bugs.
Tingling and numbness in hands and feet. Dilated pupils, rapid pulse and sweating. 

Answer: Coacaine bugs.

PYQ 62

A 50-year-old factory worker was brought to the emergency room with complaints of headache, vomiting, and blurring of vision after he consumed local spirit. Which of the following is used for the treatment of hsi condition? 

N-acetyle cysteine.Naloxone. 

Answer: Fomepizole.

PYQ 63

All of the following changes occur in chronic starvation except?

Hyperthermia. Exhaustion.
Heart atrophy. Hypotension.

Answer: Hyperthermia. 

And that is it. These are all the MCQs that you must know.

With less than 20 days to go for the FMGE July ‘23 exam, it is time to make your PYQ preparation airtight. PYQs alone can help you crack 150+ in the FMGE July 2023. 

Go through all the questions carefully. According to our star faculty for FMT, Dr Akhilesh Raj Jhamad, the exam is likely to contain 10-12 questions from Forensic Medicine and Toxicology.

All the best for your preparation. 

Team PrepLadder. 

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