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Tips to Keep Boredom Away while Studying

Nov 28, 2016

Tips to Keep Boredom Away while Studying
FMGE is a licensure exam which demands focused and dedicated preparation coupled with the determination to get through the exam. Studying seems to be a monotonous activity to most of the candidates. Candidates generally get bored at some instance or the other while studying. This article will share tips on how to combat boredom while studying for FMGE.
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Tips to Keep Boredom Away while Studying for FMGE

1.Plan Your Goals

Candidates often end up getting bored when they are unaware of what they need to accomplish in life. You have no other choice except clearing FMGE so work hard for it. Plan your goals prior to commencing any preparation. Introspect on what you need to accomplish in life. Setting clear objectives will help you to keep away from boredom.

2.Discover a suitable place for study

One of the underlying aspects of effective study is identifying the right place. Discover a place which is free from distractions since distractions are counterproductive to learning. Select a place which is well-lit and temperature controlled. You can also prefer places like the library for study since the environment is peaceful and free from distractions. Peaceful environment helps to concentrate more and recall things faster.

3.Don't get too Comfortable

Do not choose an environment which is ‘too comfortable’ since it will lead to distractions and boredom. Avoid studying on a bed or a chair which is ‘too comfortable’. Always prefer a chair that helps you keep your body erect while studying. This will help you to remain attentive for long durations.

4. Mix up Subjects

Once you start studying a certain topic you will start generating interest in it. Switching to another  topic might take away the interest. So try to cover that topic from all the subjects. For eg. You can combine Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Medicine and Pediatrics to study one topic. Similarly you can combine Anatomy, Pathology and Surgery. This will help to cover whole syllabus in lesser time and with greater efficiency. Also Read our blogs for FMGE Preparation :
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5. Prefer Most active time of the day for studying

Figure out the time when you are most active and awake in the day and dedicate it to study. This will help you to study without getting sleepy and remain vibrant and energetic while studying.  This will further help in retaining information for longer durations.

6. Take short breaks

You must take short breaks between the study sessions and relax. Studying for long hours without breaks can result in massive bouts of boredom. Take snacks rich in proteins and fibre and a glass of milk with walnuts and almonds during the breaks. You can also prefer other recreational activities such as playing sports, watching T.V. or swimming during the breaks. Taking short breaks helps to boost the energy level while also increasing the retention power.

7. Take Notes through Preparation

An activity which greatly helps in combating boredom is to take notes through your preparation. Taking notes immensely eases the learning process. Making notes helps you to retain things for longer duration. Also read: Making Notes-Most Important part of Preparation

8. Reward Yourself

You must reward yourself after intense hours of study. Reward yourself by playing outdoor games, hanging out with friends etc. We are sure that the tips mentioned above will definitely assist the aspirants in keeping boredom away while preparing for FMGE. All the Best!
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