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Anatomy for NEET PG

Anatomy is one of the most important subjects for NEET PG preparation, with a considerable weightage of 17 questions in the exam. Studying this first prof subject is no easy feat, not just because it's extensive, but it also forms the grounds of basics for several other subjects. Therefore, developing a conceptual understanding of this subject is integral to your overall NEET PG preparation.

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How Does PrepLadder Make Anatomy Learning Easy for Students?

Written in simple and lucid language, PrepLadder's Anatomy notes for NEET PG help develop concept clarity. Not only are these notes self-explanatory, but they are also supplemented with high-quality images for easier comprehension. Plus, the information boxes aid quick recall and higher information retention.Besides notes, you also have engaging video lectures, treasures, & custom modules to strengthen each topic. Lastly, you can ensure a fool-proof preparation by putting your knowledge to the test and evaluating yourself. We offer a vast QBank with clinically-oriented questions as per the latest exam pattern.

Meet our Anatomy Faculty

Learn Anatomy from a leading medical expert, Dr Rajesh Kaushal. He is the Director of Human Anat Academia and has taught Anatomy to PG aspirants for the past 20 years. His modernized lectures and interactive classes are most popular among the students. They have greatly benefited from his unique teaching style and boosted their Anatomy preparation


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