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How to prepare Anatomy for PG Entrance Exams?

Apr 21, 2020

prepare Anatomy for PG Entrance Exams
As Anatomy is a subject taught in the 1st Prof of MBBS and by the time medical students complete their final prof or internship, they hardly retain few glimpses from the subject. As a result, while preparing for the NEET PG Entrance examinations, aspirants struggle a lot with Anatomy. Nobody can cover the entire Anatomy syllabus since the time for NEET PG preparation is limited and you can only afford to give about a week per subject. Also read: 166 days study plan to crack any PG Medical entrance exams. Under such circumstances the best way to clear the NEET PG exam is selective study. Don’t study everything, this article is the compilation of important topics of Anatomy that should never be missed for the PG Entrance exam. One general tip that we can give for all topics is that don’t miss nerve supply, arterial supply and venous drainage of any region. This is very important point that one must always keep in mind while preparing Anatomy for PGMEE. Important topics from individual sections and how to prepare them are as follows:

Head and Neck

Head and Neck is very important and vast. Under this topic you should never miss the cavernous sinus, remember its boundaries, structures passing through cavernous sinus, tributaries and drain channels. This is very important topic from examination point of view and a question is always asked from this topic. Also read: Most effective study plan for PG entrance exams.

Upper limb

You should know everything about the region of shoulder joint, especially the muscles(insertion, action, nerve supply). Apart from that the important topics in upper limb are Brachial plexus and Axillary artery. Dermatomes of upper and lower limb is also a very important topic to prepare. Regarding lower limb, you should know about dermatomes of lower limb, knee joint, sciatic and obturator nerve, spahenous vein, arches of foot, muscles of sole of foot. Also Read: Gametogenesis - Definition, Stages and Types - NEET PG Anatomy Development of the Nervous System - NEET PG Anatomy
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Abdomen is an important section from PGMEE point of view. This is a very important topic which definitely should be on your priority list while preparing Anatomy. Give special importance to Perineum while preparing abdomen. Most common questions asked under this topic are from Urethra, Ureter and Pudendal canal.


Blood supply of the heart and structures passing through diaphragm are of prime importance. The most important artery from this section is Subclavian.

Topics to study in Embryology

Candidates preparing Embryology should pay more attention on the derivatives of all individual ridges. Apart from that neural crest derivatives, branchial arches derivatives and most importantly embryology of orbit must be on tips. At least 2 questions are asked from embryology every year in almost every medical PG entrance exam.


There is no need to study the entire osteology, keep a selective approach for preparing this section. Important topics that should be stressed upon are Types of joints, Sphenoid bone, Orbital bone, Lateral wall of nose and Middle ear anatomy.


You need not mug up everything in Histology, prepare very selective topics. Most important topics being types of epithelium and derivatives of different types of Epithelium (this topic is also covered in Embryology). Prepare it well as a question from this topic is asked very frequently. Also read: How to study all 19 subjects for NEET PG.

Final Word of Advice

Don’t go for BDC or Grey’s anatomy while studying for PGMEE. Study from across or any other good MCQ book and keep an atlas for reference. Best Wishes!!
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