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NEET-PG 2021: Your Study Guide in the Last Phase of the Preparation

Aug 23, 2021


The final countdown has begun for the NEET-PG aspirants as they are a few days away from appearing for one of the most crucial exams of their academic journey. Regardless of how your preparation has been so far, these last few days can take you many steps closer to the final goal. We have the study plan that will mark the successful completion of the expedition you began with great zeal and passion. So, all you have to do is spare a couple of minutes and stay with us till the end of this write-up, and you will be all set to take the winning turn!

Win the race in the last lap!

1. Last Phase Strategy:

Now is not the time to start the chapters you have never read before and challenge your mind in impossible ways. Strengthen your understanding of what you already know because multiple revision sessions will work like the magic wand you need right now. New topics, on the other hand, will leave you all bemused, underconfident, and overwhelmed. Challenging yourself brings out the best in you, but the right way to do that in this phase is to revise everything you know. So revise in a way that all of it stays like the most effective adhesive!!

2. The Priority-Based Sequence of the Subjects: 

Like this is not the time to initiate new things from scratch, it is also not the time to go for the all or none strategy for revision. Another thing you must not do is studying subjects in the order that suits your wish list and feels comfortable. The sequence that determines the course of your preparation must be devoid of biases.

We have concluded certain things based on our analysis so that you don’t make lists, you just study!

Pathology (Para-Clinical)
Social and Preventive Medicine (Para-Clinical)
Medicine (Clinical)
Surgery (Clinical)
Anatomy (Pre-Clinical)
Physiology (Pre-Clinical)
Biochemistry (Pre-Clinical)
Microbiology (Para-Clinical)
Dermatology (Clinical)
Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Clinical)
Orthopaedics (Clinical)
Anesthesia (Clinical)
Psychiatry (Clinical)
Forensic Medicine (Para-Clinical)
Radiodiagnosis (Clinical)
Pediatrics (Clinical)
Ophthalmology (Clinical)
ENT (Clinical)

3. The Favorites:

No, we are not talking about your favorite subjects, we are talking about the ones that must become your favorites in this phase of the preparation. Some subjects don’t require you to devote a lot of time but are crucial to your journey. So, missing the following subjects will make you feel regretful later:

Orthopedics (Clinical)
Psychiatry (Clinical)
Dermatology (Clinical)
Anesthesia (Clinical)
Radiodiagnosis (Clinical)
Forensic Medicine (Para-Clinical)

4. Mock Tests:

How satisfying is the experience of reading a chapter and then checking it off your list? But the process is incomplete and takes you away from experiencing the satisfaction of getting a remarkable result. Take as many mock tests as you can (from a reliable source), go through the previous years’ question papers, and practice multiple-choice questions because reading alone won’t help you win the race. Test your knowledge and gear up for the final day the right way!

5. The right track: 

Being on the right track at this stage is about ensuring that all the time that goes into practicing, is utilized well. If you analyze the previous years’ exams, you will be able to conclude that not every mock test bridges the gap between you and success. Along with the one-liners everyone is familiar with, NEET-PG is home to the ones you can’t afford to miss!

Check for the following types of questions in your mock tests to find out if you are on the right track:

Clinical Questions 
Image-Based Questions
Questions Based on Recent Developments
Questions Based on Histology & Pathology Slides
Conceptual Questions
Questions Based on Reaching the Final Diagnosis

6. Eat, Study, Sleep, Repeat:

You must put your best foot forward in the ongoing phase of the preparation, and you must also take good care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Make an exclusive timetable for the last days and don’t forget to include breaks in that schedule. And don’t do anything you would not want a patient of yours to do!

Your plan and mindset for the remaining days can have a more significant impact than you imagine. You have come a long way, so keep marching forward while ensuring that you do not deviate from the right track. 

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