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Notes Next Edition Are Now Available!

Apr 06, 2023

Notes Next Edition

Every medical PG aspirant knows just how overwhelming it can be to keep up with the ever-evolving syllabus and stay on top of their exam preparation. 

But not anymore! 

PrepLadder’s highly-anticipated Notes Next Edition-The Change That You Need, are finally here!

This game-changing study resource is everything you need to excel in the profession that demands EVERYTHING. From comprehensive and self-explanatory content aligned with NExT to valuable memory aids that help with better information retention, these notes will supercharge your exam preparations like never before.

Not only that, Notes Next Edition are based on the high-yield video lectures by India's top medical faculty, which makes them a must-have study resource.

In addition to that, you also get access to a 20th book - Integrated Essentials, which is the ultimate tool for last-minute revision.

In this blog, we’ll explore all the amazing features of Notes Next Edition and why every medical aspirant out there must get their hands on it right away!

What Makes Notes Next Edition an Indispensable Study Resource

PrepLadder's Notes Next Edition is an all-in-one study resource designed to help medical aspirants ace the medical PG exam with ease. Here are some of its excellent features:

Comprehensive & Self-explanatory Notes in-line with the Video Lectures

The comprehensive notes for all 19 subjects are based on high-yield video lectures by our Dream Team Next Edition. They cover the entire NEET PG syllabus including all the important topics in a manner that builds conceptual understanding and provides a deep knowledge of the subject matter.

Plus, these notes are self-explanatory, meaning you can rely on them without the need for additional guidance. Each topic features detailed explanations and relevant images to provide the learner with an immersive experience.

Topics Tagged with Relevant PYQs

Previous year questions are an essential component for holistic NEET PG preparation. They provide insight into the exam pattern and the types of questions asked in the exam. Solving PYQs allows you to assess your level of preparation, identify knowledge gaps, and focus your revision on the areas that need improvement. 

Therefore, to boost your learning, we have also included relevant PYQs from the past 5 years on all important topics. As you complete each topic, you can practice these PYQs to improve your knowledge retention and test your understanding.

Important Information Boxes for Better Retention

Another excellent feature of Notes Next Edition is the information boxes. We have added important information boxes in every chapter to present key details of that topic in a concise and easy-to-understand manner and enhance retention. These boxes provide additional information and insights that help revise the key concepts and are important for your exam preparation. Additionally, these information boxes serve as a helpful tool for revision, allowing you to quickly review and reinforce your understanding of the topic covered.

High-quality and Clear Medical Illustrations

The study resource also includes high-quality images that help you gain a better understanding of complex concepts. The illustrations, figures, and clinical images embedded in the content are accurately labeled and provide a visual aid to help you retain information better. 

You can use the images to aid your understanding of anatomical relationships, pathology, and diagnostic procedures.

Engaging Crossword Puzzles for Memory Aid

PrepLadder's Notes Next Edition also includes fun crosswords of factual information added after every unit to improve your learning and recall. These crosswords are a great way to test your knowledge and reinforce the concepts you've learned. Plus, you can use this feature to reinforce and consolidate the knowledge gained in a fun and engaging way.

Time Stamps From Video Lectures

Additionally, to make your learning experience more convenient, PrepLadder's Notes Next Edition also includes timestamps that allow you to directly navigate to a particular topic in video lectures. This feature saves time and helps you access information quickly and easily.

Integrated Essentials

With the Notes Next Edition, you also get access to a 20th book - Integrated Essentials, which is a comprehensive book designed for last-minute revision. Developed with an interdisciplinary approach, the book covers all 19 subjects in an ultra-precise manner interlinking the topics from all subjects. It offers comprehensive coverage of essential information and is ideal to build clinical competency. 

Aligned with the NExT exam pattern and covering over 110 High Yield Topics, Integrated Essentials is a valuable resource for medical students and professionals preparing for exams.

Overall, PrepLadder's Notes Next Edition is a comprehensive study resource designed with a holistic approach to boost NEET PG exam preparation. With its high-quality content and excellent memory aids it's the perfect tool to help you ace your medical entrance exams.

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