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Why choose UPSC CMS?

Mar 28, 2017

Combined Medical Services Examination is conducted by the UPSC every year for recruitment to numerous Central Government Organizations and services for various posts. A question usually arises in the minds of the aspirants as to why choose the UPSC CMS Examination over a Post Graduate course. Through this blog, we will provide clarification as to why one should appear for UPSC CMS Examination or opt for PG.
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The following points will help you decide as to why you should choose UPSC CMS

Prestige, Pride, and Power

The prestige, pride, and power associated with the UPSC CMS are far more in Indian society. Any candidate who clears the UPSC CMS exam would become a Chief Medical Officer.  For some, getting recruited through UPSC is of utmost priority considering the esteem, repute, and honor associated with UPSC jobs.

Decent Salaries and Excellent Perks

A lucrative pay scale is what lures at the start of the career. People who get recruited through UPSC enjoy a great degree of repute, power and avail numerous other benefits. Pay scale is an important aspect that has to be considered while choosing a career. The starting pay scale ranges between INR 70,000 to INR 80,000 per month.

Job Security

If you are in a private sector job, you can be removed without any notice. You are always under the constant fear of the company and its top management. The service conditions of civil servants, however, are determined by the Parliament and cannot be changed. Their service is protected by Article 311 of the Indian Constitution according to which, any employee cannot be dismissed from service without an inquiry where she/he would be given an opportunity to defend herself/himself. The promotion of a civil servant is not in the hands of a politician, which is either based on seniority or is time bound manner. The promotion committees are headed by UPSC Member/Chairman and hence you can expect utmost objectivity in the promotion. You don’t have to fear anyone if you have not done anything wrong.

Work Life Balance

While it is common to hear the condition of the civil servants that they don’t have a good private life, it is not entirely true. Every government department has different types of postings. Some posts require long hours of work while quite a few posts are such where you have to find work. The renumeration in both the cases is exactly the same. Hence, if you give priority to personal life, you can always ask the government to give you such assignments, where you can have more free time for yourself and the family.

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Job Satisfaction

You must remember that civil service is not an ordinary job where you work for an organization or for a person. You work for the entire nation and its people.

Freedom to Work

You may not believe, but it is a fact that you have tremendous freedom to do your work as a government officer.  Each post in a government organization is created and empowered by Parliament. Hence, you have the full freedom to decide the things according to your own judgment and discretion. We hope that going through this blog will provide you an answer to the query as to why you should choose UPSC CMS. Also read: How to clear UPSC CMS 2017 ? Also read our blogs on high-yield topics (subject-wise) for NEET PG 2023 Preparation:
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