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Oct 28, 2015

Since the exam has changed, so has the way people prepare. So what is it that over 12,000 doctors are doing to prepare for PGMEE that you are missing out on? The answer is PrepLadder. PrepLadder has come up with a revolution in PGMEE preparation. Our mock tests will reinvent the way people prepare for the toughest and the most important exam of their life. Why do we call it a revolution..?? What is so special about PrepLadder that you'll find nowhere else..?? How can we help you gain advantage over your competition in PGMEE??
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We are going to answer this in 7 simple points:

1. MPL Analytics

The main purpose of taking a mock test before the actual exam is self-analysis and every institute provides you rank against other candidates.. But PrepLadder has taken a leap forward with its all new "MPL ANALYTICS". It’s so detailed and generations ahead of everyone else that it can cut your revision time by 30% and will also help you manage time better during the exam, so you never have to submit an incomplete test. We have hired the best IT team in the business to help us achieve this.

2. Practice when prepared

Preparing with PrepLadder you will never need to mould your study plan according to the tests schedule. Take the tests when you are prepared, not when some institute scheduled it.

3. High quality questions

Our are sourced from experts in each subject, which are then handpicked to design each test so that it’s balanced. PrepLadder is the only testing platform predicting new questions that can appear in PGMEE

4. Get an authentic rank

PrepLadder with its 6500+ (and increasing) user base is like the pre-AIPG for AIPG aspirants. And we are calling it that because these tests are expected to be attempted by maximum number of medicos before PGMEE. So the rank/percentile you get on PrepLadder will depict your actual status against the huge competition in PGMEE's. Also Read: Problems faced by Medical PG aspirants

5. Authentic solutions and references

Detailed solutions with references are provided at the end of every test. These solutions are self-explanatory but if you still face trouble understanding any explanation, our panel of experts are ready to help you with it.

6. Software that simulates the real exam

If you have attempted PGMEE before, you know that our software looks exactly the same, if not; these tests become all the more crucial for you. They'll make you comfortable with the software used in PGMEE and give you a simulated experience of the real exam.

7. Customized improvement plan

"MPL analytics" closely monitor your behavior during the test, identifies your weak subjects and your time wastage. It then generates a custom made study plan according to your requirements, thus ensuring that you get the most out of your preparation time. Also read our blogs on high-yield topics (subject-wise) for NEET PG 2024 Preparation:
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You need to start now to actually benefit from these features. After just 1 online test, you will see a jump of minimum 25 marks in your performance. Wondering how to start? Just Click on the link below:
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