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How to prepare for NEET-PG in 3 months?

Aug 17, 2016

 How to Prepare for NEET PG in 3 Months?z

The NEET PG exam is just 3 months away and the time has arrived when you need to burn the candle at both ends in order to secure a seat in your dream college. If you’ve not started your preparation yet, STOP READING THIS ARTICLE and get back to studying now. Plan your study schedule for a year and realistically aim for next year’s exam. If you’ve completed or are about to complete your syllabus at least once and want to know how to revise effectively in these last crucial months, keep reading. Revision is a vital part of NEET PG preparation. Revision is indispensable since the syllabus is extensive and you will forget most of the information without sufficient revision. Most toppers advice that you should not read anything new in these final months. If you can’t revise it, it’s as good as gone. Our experts have compiled a 3-month Revision Plan which will help you to streamline you Revision for NEET PG.

Revision Tips for NEET PG

I. Revise In Accordance to the Importance of Subject Distribute time amongst the different subjects as per their weight age perspective. Devote more time to Revising the High-yielding subjects and spend less time in revising the less yielding subjects. II. Refer to Notes for Revision Refer to the Notes you made during your preparation phase. Refer to your books in case of confusion. Also, do not change your books at this time. Only read the books that you read during preparation. This will immensely ease the Revision and also aid in retaining the information till the exam period. If you're aiming for next year's NEET PG, read: How to make high yield notes during Medical PG prep. III. Practice MCQs and Attempt Subject-Wise Tests You must practice MCQs while revising a particular topic. This will help you master application of concepts and help you attain a grip over each topic. Attempt subject-wise tests after completing Revision for a particular subject. Attempt at least one full length mock test per week in September. 2 full length mocks per week in October. 3 full length mocks per week in November. Take these full length mocks very seriously. Try to increase your score with every test you take. Devote 6-7 hours a day to Revising the Subjects and 3 hours to Practicing MCQs. To know how PrepLadder's "PGMEE Guarantee pack" and "Champion's Blueprint" can help you crack NEET PG, Click here. IV. Refer to Our Revision Plan We have structured our Revision Plan for NEET PG in the form of 5 Blocks. These blocks are just representative since no 2 people can follow the same study plan. Modify these blocks according to your strengths and weaknesses. You are advised to Attempt Subject-wise Tests after completing Revision of each subject of the block. Also Read: How to Prepare Image-Based Questions for NEET PG?

3-Month Revision Plan for NEET PG 

Our experts have compiled a 3-Month Revision Plan keeping in mind the Intellect of an Average student.
NEET PG Elite Plan

Block I

Subject Days Total Days  
Anatomy 5 Days 14 Days
Physiology 4 Days
Biochemistry 3 Days
Catch up 2 Days

Block II 

Subject Days Total Days
Pathology 5 Days 19 Days
Pharmacology 5 Days
Microbiology 4 Days
Forensic Medicine 2 Days
Catch up 3 Days

Block III

Subject Days Total Days
Ophthalmology 2 Days 13 Days
ENT 2 Days
SPM 7 Days
Catch up 2 Days

Block IV

Subject Days Total Days
Medicine  12 Days 21 Days
Psychiatry 2 Days
Dermatology 2 Days
Pediatrics 2 Days
Catch up 3 Days

Block V 

Subject Days Total Days 
Surgery 7 Days 23 Days
Ortho 2 Days
Anaesthesia 2 Days
Radiology 2 Days
Gynaecology 4 Days
Obstetrics 3 Days
Catch up 3 Days
Having a plan is vital to make your NEET PG Revision Effective. You can refer to the Sample Revision Plan Created by PrepLadder experts or frame a plan as per your strengths and needs. Stay Tuned for the Latest Updates on the NEET PG preparation!
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